TDM Instance



I was going to try to reason with you but then I remembered that doesn’t work. Have fun.


If we cater to short-hour play people, then we will be setting our server up for decline. Empyrion, and especially HWS, is not about “getting started and playing” in a short amount of time. Having a TDM instance for people to go play in will draw people away from the other features on the server that Rex has worked hard to implement and fine-tune.


I appreciate the more constructive criticism of the TDM idea, Vans.

The idea is more about getting them inspired to want to stay on the server then to be disillusioned when the server is on down time. The key here is “to get inspired” and i think alot of us know from experience that the more we are pushed to fight and defend our-self’s the more we are inspired to come up with new and creative ideas to survive and stay in the fight longer.

We can agree to disagree and thats fine vans.


Idea: PVP Arena

The thing about having a TDM like that though would mean that you would have an environment where you could potentially not risk anything.

That’s not the spirit of the game. You want the tension of risking it all. The problem lies where we can only have half of the day during “prime time” to do anything really productive.

Let’s face it. During non-prime-time, nobody plays. There’s hardly any veterans that play aside from myself.

@RexXxuS Is it possible, to increase the spirit of the game, to have “rotating” prime times? Let’s say Armageddon from 09-1400, Golden globe from 1400-2300, then Homeworld from 2300-0900?

The times dont have to be exact, but it would allow the universe to continue to “churn” throughout the day without having to have huge dips and spikes in population.

As it stands currently, the majority of the playerbase logs on only after US prime time. One might look at it as cause and effect, rather than optimal windows for play for people. This may be purely conjecture but you might increase all-round playtimes if there are rolling planets like it used to be.


:thinking: Prime time is called for a reason, no?
I got already feedback that anything which resets at 9AM isn’t good because some people have to work or sleep then.

So if I rotate Golden Globe to 2PM for example you get hate from the slaves who need to work.


I forgot to mention a few things on how the TDM worked on this game i played. You could only enter TDM if you had tickets. These tickets could only be gotten from killing people on the main pvp playfields. So this can really help pvp by giving people a reward for being really active on the pvp playfields. An example of how it could work would be the reputation we get, it could be used to buy these tickets to get into TDM, and TDM is only open on certain hours of the day? What do you think @RexXxuS?

Idea: PVP Arena

Agreed. Most of my day is spent at work, and honestly my preference would be to do away with rotating mineable times and do a surface wipe each reset. It makes for a really long weekend waiting til 5 to get my gold on.


Quite complex to build.
Will think about it, thanks


Prime Time Problems

  • Nobody can sneak onto GG during off hours to mine
  • Everyone is forced to try to mine gold at the same time when the alliance are all online
  • This time bottleneck exacerbates the overcrowded lag issue

Other Problems

  • The GOLD RUSH instance is on GG so guarded by the same alliance that controls GG
  • They sell the gold ore on the black market from inside the instance then cancel later so there is no risk
  • The other planets with gold deposits are depleted early and are not available for most


Primetime population

It got up to 40 at 6:30 EST


Things are winding down since Season 8 is coming soon.



Season 8 is Four to Six WEEKS at minimum away.

Things aren’t winding down. The rest of the pop is bored of the way the meta is shifting.


It’s usually like this towards the end of the season. Saw it with v5, 6.x and with 7. It will pick back up immensely at the start when 8 drops.


It is still the first half of the season, 45 days in tomorrow. … Oh wait…


Reasoning doesn’t work with me.

: )


You nit pick a screen for low population. Look i can do the same. Time? Just now. :smiley:


No, I just logged in to collect my daily interest and was shocked to see how few were on. I have been on almost every day since January.