Team Kill RP Gain Suggestion

I think it would be cool if there was some sort of team RP gain for kill based RP rewards. There are many times where lots of people contribute to a kill, but only one lucky person gets the RP. This is especially easy for people in vehicles with turrets since they auto-target. It could be like:

  • All players who receive rewards must have their origin weapon (whether you get the kill or the assist)
  • Someone in your faction gets a kill within a certain range of you (if possible, maybe on the same playfield if range is not possible)
  • The amount of RP rewarded is some % (maybe 20%?) of the reward given to the player who gets the kill. Examples:
    • Pirate kills Federation. Person who gets the kill gets 5 RP. All faction members within range/on playfield get 1 RP.
    • Federation kills Pirate. Person who gets the kill gets 10 RP. All faction members within range/on playfield get 2 RP.

I was initially thinking a range would be nice so that people involved in the fighting are the only people that get rewards, but maybe even just same playfield makes sense too - sometimes you’re contributing by running supplies, repairing or scouting.

I can imagine that’d be difficult. Often battles move, and aren’t just in 1 place, and it takes 2min ish for the game to registrer your posistion, so… you can probably imagine you’d have to be lucky to actually get a bonus.

Yeah I can definitely see there being some difficulties around range detection which is why I added the suggestion of being on the same playfield as well. Either way, even if range was not 100% reliable, you’d probably have to be less lucky than now to get a bonus :stuck_out_tongue:

I really like this idea. Often time, HVs get the kill that the SV earned, as the auto turrets shoot the player who is falling to the ground. SV destroys cockpit, player falls to the ground, HV gets the kill.