Teleport Monoliths not working

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What happened:
=> Yesterday I was able to use teleport monolyths. Today they do not appear to be working. At least not from Paragon to ECC or Ori

Player(s) with issue:
=> elzn

=> NA

Time (cb:time):
=> 24 June @ 18:43

=> Ori

Structure Name(s):
=> Teleport Monolith

Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now:
=> Is Teleport Monolith system working? Will it be in the near future?

What do you mean not working?
The portals didn’t activate? Maybe you entered the wrong code?
Try checking all levers are off before you begin activating specific levers.

I attempted to use them yesterday to go from Federation HQ to ECC and the portal showed up red. I believe that means they are not connected?

I properly tried the codes for Ecc AGES and Ori MASK and the portals activated Red. If you look at the event horizon it says target not set.

Yesterday, after I got shot shot while exploring and respawned at hws meta, i was able to tp to ecc.

Yes we have all the correct codes for each planet. We built a “Rosetta Stone” last season once the coding was deciphered. The portals open but most are red and state “Target not set.” There were a couple working at first. The monoliths were our favorite way to get around the galaxy and hoping this wonderful public transportation system will resume soon.

Edit: this is the monolith on Freelancer HQ.

Edit #2: CSW over to EU and started testing portals. Got to Croot but could not return. Thankfully I am a master at the disposable arts :wink:

@RexXxuS or @Ju would you like us to start compiling a list of working vs non working monoliths?

Thanks for the info.
@Ju will check it out once time allows


Thankyou @RexXxuS & @Ju . As @Bob said, We’ve gotten used to planet hopping with them.


Thanks for reporting. The portals should now all work fine again :slight_smile:


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