Thank you ROK for the gift you left in space


that’s 25% of them there is more!

Again a bug as usual. PKA can not honestly play.

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No bug. We worked hard on finding it…:stuck_out_tongue:

4 ships dissapered when we got the core on them…

pfff… Interesting, when Rex go and apply, that its BUG-using. One of dat ship, was empty, with medbay and no energy. I need to continue? We all know how u searching for ships…

Well if admin ask´s we will happily tell them what happend ) And show them proof of that). But i can say that we didnt use any buggs at all.

@RexXxuS or @Jascha - pls check this. Its VERY interesting, how people find ships in deep space. One by one. Our prize we already checked, u find it by checkpoint, that didnt disappear after capturing. Devs fixes as always only on words, but nwm

As I know about ROK - they got one empty ship, that was turned off and got Medbay. And I didnt believe, that u find it other way.

As usual: if you used or found a bug please report to us via PM!
Everything else is rumor drama terror.


Well if admins want any information they can ask and i will hand that over ofc.


Мы с Тамарой ходим парой?