The 1st Faction Alliance WANTS YOU and YOUR ALLIANCE in NA Server!

Today we take a stand against the pirate’s of the universe! The 1FA believes that there is strength in unity. We are looking to bring in both new players that wish to be Members of an Alliance, but we are also looking to recruit Current Factions. By becoming a member of 1FA we solve the issue of trying to operate Jointly while allowing you to work as your own unit. Our plan is simple, Join us and fly our Faction tag which will stop friendly fire incidents and allow easy identification of allies. Then if you wish, you may use your units tag in the name of your ships so that different factions can identify each other. We don’t intend to micromanage a unit, we are just trying to make Joint Strikes more fun for all. The members of 1FA can communicate to set up times for strikes or protection operations, while that rest of the time you are open to operate as your faction sees fit. If you are interested, Please contact PrivateBarnes82 via PM or on Hws Discord

You need to point out which server?

LOL, Good idea…thank you for bring that to my attention and it has been fixed…thanks again!