The Aliens

Hey Community,

I have some troubling news….

We received a message from the Aliens over at Alien world. Lucky one of our top translators ‘WhiZzle’ was talented enough to bring to light their intentions.

We have received further Intel that leads to some quite distressing outcomes.

Again with help we have managed to translate, in short. The Aliens have united, they are organised and they are coming.

Where you ask? Everywhere!

They have somehow managed to develop the ability to control Ships? Maybe we were sloppy and left too much of our advanced technology on their planets?

Either way no one is safe, They follow no code….Traders, Pirates, Hunter and Alliance….this means nothing to them, They seek only 1 group…….Humans

As if the universe wasn’t deadly enough, We have no choice but to help one another when the time comes….It is us or them right?

The message confirms that ‘Slaughter of the human race’ will begin on this very day, what worries us the most is that it seems they are building, growing stronger and gaining in size…

The last piece of the message says…


Whatever this means? Is this the day they truly unleash their power, for the sake of all of us I hope not…

Knowledge is power, this is what we know:

  1. Aliens are not greedy – They would never loot a human, never grief a human, never use exploits to win. They fight, Fair…unlike us, maybe this is why we have doomed ourselves?

  2. They carry their cargo with them on board their ships and in their bases, they hold the key to the ‘Epic Weapons’ and so much more. We know they do not have abilities like the Orbital cargo drone

  3. They are NOT humans, never will you see a human in a cockpit, or in a base…only aliens

  4. They do not speak our native tongues

  5. They only build on their own planets, maybe there are more than what we originally thought….

  6. The only place you’re truly safe is PVE, although they do they small outposts on each planet. They have been easy to take down in the past, hopefully this won’t change.

  7. Their Ships, They are alien…they are not built like ours, they should be easy to spot.

  8. As they are aliens their bases are alien core which means completely controlled by AI…so ofc can never ammo drain or be grieved by the CPU turrets.

We wish you all good luck out there, god save our souls.


Soo cool cant wait! Thanks for this post.

and the time is coming…

Rexxx you lied! You told that many of problems will be solved in 5.0 in our conversation :smiley:

I beg you a pardon but this is not looking like solving problems, this, ladies and gentleman, is looking like we all are in serious trouble! Im not going to be enslaved by cruel, merciless alien rase in any case!

Going to ask Top Humankind Translator for more information. :cold_sweat:

This is all you need to know from the past.

I hope it will affect the donor planets also, otherwise we will be accused for pay2win.
Have a plan to exterminate these pesky:skull: buggers already. (i think)

dont pick up the soap if u drop it. :wink:

You got me all excited, I was preparing all night for those Aliens :frowning:

Sorry the Alien Event took longer than expected…Tomorrow i hear thats when they plan to start the attacks…who, when and where is not known…they know Humans are greedy so a few guesses where they might start…

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So there will be Aliens tomorrow? YEAH!

Hope they fix the AI when server lags, that this doesn’t create even more lag + increase alien turret rotation speed because SV’s used to be so fast in 4.2 that they could fly around it at a much higher speed than their turrets would rotate.

Thanks for the visit Mr. Aliens.

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