The Augmented Armor has lost its integrity due to an my missclick, cannot be put into OCD

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What happened?
=> As a result of my mistaken click, I picked fruits from the garden. Instead of activating a dialogue with a merchant.
This led to an instant change in reputation to negative. Because of what the NPC began to shoot me.

The crux of the problem is that I was wearing very hard-to-obtain armor, which I specifically used only for trading bulky items. Due to the damage I received, the armor lost its durability and now I can not put it in the OCD

Player(s) with issue? (steam name)
=> Popper Id: 720552

Server? (EU or NA or RE)
=> RE

When did it happen? (Use server time: type ingame cb:time)
=> about 21-11-30 04:06

On which Playfield?
=> Silosus / Abaaure / [Polaris] Trading Station

Structure Name(s)?

Structure ID(s) (Open ingame console and type di)?

How can we help you now?
=> I hope for your opportunity to help me with this great difficulty by replacing the armor with a new one.

Sorry, this is part of the game and happening too often for too many.
It would not be fair to do admin power here but not for the other players in the past or future.


Augmented Light Armor is crafted from a wide variety of rare ingredients.
As a minimum, to get the Progenitor Technology Fragment, you need to fly to the far end of the universe. In addition, to create, you need a very rare Advanced Heavy Armor, which very rarely comes across only in the rarest loot. Plus, some more valuable resources are needed.

Due to all of the above, not many people use such armor. I’m pretty sure there are only a dozen or two dozen players on the server using this armor. Accordingly, cases similar to mine are rare, if at all happened.

The problem is that the OCD will no longer accept my armor, and I just can’t fix it to a state of intact. Without the help of the administration, in the end, with a wipe, I lose a valuable and very difficult to replace item.

I suggest bringing this up to the Creators of RE in terms of balancing feedback.

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I gave you an explanation why my case is unique. This is not something that happens regularly. If this armor could be easily repaired to a new state or removed to the OCD in its current state, I would not need the help of the administration. In this case, there is a flaw of the authors and the game and the RE mod.
But the main thing is the fact that OCD does not store all information about an item, but only the item ID. This is the reason for the restriction on the storage of only new items.

My case is not ordinary, not frequent, this is the first time I am addressing you with something like this. I desperately need the help of the administration in this incident.

is part of the game. yes this situation hurts a lot. the admins would have a full time job replacing items if they tended to these requests. u will have to use this as a learning experience as the rest of us have been doing so for years :frowning:

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this is intentional to prevent exploits of the past. players would put broken items in the OCD and take out fully repaired replacements.

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If OCD had stored complete information about an item, this problem would not exist at all.
But in order to save money, only the item ID is stored, this reduces the size of the database by orders of magnitude.
That is why I am counting on the help of the administration. I wouldn’t need help if the OCD had complete information. I’m just asking you to give me a second chance.

again this is part of the game that we have all been experiencing. these are the things we have to prepare for. many things have been lost to situations similar to this. even more expensive things than augmented armor. i lost a backpack of over 25k XL CV thrusters for my own mistakes. there is nothing that will be done by administration as they would constantly have to do this for everyone.

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When you chose to wear that armor you assumed the risk of taking damage and no longer being able to store it.
You made that conscious decision.

It was a matter of time and you would have taken damage eventually.

If you wanted to store it in the OCD you should have stored it and not worn it instead.

My 2 cents.

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the admins will assist in recovery from bugs and exploits. the community can assist with recovery from mistakes. ask around for help in replacement parts to craft another. use the broken one till the end of the season.

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I am not wearing this armor, I am wearing another.
I put on armor with a large volume to buy bulky items at the station from the Polaris faction.
Due to server lag, the mouse cursor shifted and instead of dialogue with the NPC, I picked berries. The first screenshot shows how close the NPC is to the plants. Usually I always try to stand with my back to the plants or look at the floor. But this time there was a mistake.

yes this a typical empyrion situation. par for the course as some would say. there is a valuable lesson to be learned here :wink:

As some would say. If the administration has imposed a restriction on items that have lost their condition new. It would be a good action on the part of the administration to help in such an incident.

it’s not the administration’s job to replace items that we lost due to our own mistakes. again this was due to your mistake, not by a bug. no replacement is warranted by the admins. their time is better spent in crafting this universe not following us around for every oops. ask around in global chat to see if anyone can help you replace the parts you need to craft another one. I have quite a few extra parts I can spare.

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This is for sure a bad translation you used but @Jascha can explain you in better detail why this is done like that in terms of modding API.

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Please inform the authors of the mod and the game that removing 15,000 reputation for 4 berries has nothing to do with balance. As well as placing the merchant close to the plants is also very bad.

that part is actually hard coded into the game itself. you can contact the developers to voice your opinion on this. sadly it probably won’t go very far but you can always try.

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the creators of the Reforged Eden scenario are a little tougher to get a hold of. they usually hang around in the official discord for empyrion.

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