The bunker returns to GG

Bronco40’s screen shot shows the awesome, Dwarven Alliance base complex on eu gg. It was a huge undertaking. Major credits to Aerdred who planned the design, Zappi, Wiseman and others who made it a reality. Glad to see it again.

This was entirely player made on server, and destructible. Not indestructible bunker sold on hws.

The max 100 block cv carrier (yellow) AAA used to bring in supplies and fresh hv’s is included in shot.


Yeah and mining back then was so much better in my opinion also . I miss these times . When we could mine that amount of Gold back then we werent as scared to spend the Gold to buy more items likes ships and ammo to fight in pvp … Now with mining being so then and taking so long not having a Bunker base to hide in for so little Gold makes it not worth it to go and even mine on GG .


im 50/50 on this to be honest, it looks like a cool idea but it will have issues for sure. If it does come back again, i ask one thing, this bunker cant be considered a safe haven, just a storage depot. meaning it has no medic stations, o2 stations, constructors, etc, basically bare except a gen and fuel tank for lights, and some cargo containers to store resources and gold. Also make it so that u cant stay long, for example the player gets kicked after 5mins and thrown outside or have the bunkers full of radiation. make it difficult to use basically is what im getting at. the reason for this, as some ppl had issues with is that ppl will run and hide, we need to make it so that they cant use this for that. perhaps encouage the building of bases around it, to defend themselves while they unload their ships/backpacks. We can also make it so that there are no doors, so u cant enter to escape, but u can use the wireless connection to drop items. I would prefer that method more in the end, at least the toxicity wont increase because ppl are hiding.


yes an indestructible wireless storage depot that has no guns or point of entry to hide in would be a good solution… however isn’t that what OCD lvl7 is? :wink:

General pvpers don’t have that luxury to buy expensive things like ocd 7, I believe and correct me if im wrong, most only make it to ocd 6 then buy off the market and bigger factions create more rp so in that case they can buy more items. As for ppl with ocd 7 or higher I would think they would rather use the wireless storage bunker idea, since they share the resources when in battle, at least it would make sense to resupply ppl this way, instead of trying to explain where a cargo container is in the towers that they built while in the heat of battle, i believe the wireless bunker idea is better and the fact its a one stop shop for everyone and easy to find.

in the end, I believe a bunker may not be the answer but a wireless storage depot on planet could be very useful and the area can be defended by the faction/alliance towers in order to get easy access to the depot. there should also be a land claim originating from the depot in order to stop rival factions from controlling the area around the depot, this way no one can complain about not being able to use their depot, however it can be difficult because ppl like to recycle or bp a ships/hvs or bases that they capture so maybe some more thought on this idea should be discussed