The Collective (TCH) is available for all your Bounty Hunter needs

Need to find a hardened criminal raider and get some retribution? Need to put a hurt on your competition? Just need someone to do some recon so you can take care of business yourself? No job is too big (or too small) for The Collective. HWS NA’s premium Bounty Hunter faction will meet or exceed your expectations.

We at The Collective are large enough to handle ANY job, but small enough to maintain a strict code of conduct, confidentiality, and professionalism that you can trust to get the job done, on time, every time.

Reasonably priced rates based on difficulty, risk, and time constraints apply as well as a 50% down payment on all services. However; if we don’t deliver as promised, you don’t pay the balance. You can’t get a better guarantee than that in the entire galaxy!

Confidentiality is very important to us, so therefore no voice communication, no questions asked. We value your privacy and remaining incognito.

To offer a bounty, just send a message directly to me here in the forum or email us at: [email protected]. No in-game chat requests will be honored or accepted.

Happy Hunting!

Senior Agent
The Collective


i havent seen you on the eu server so I am assuming this is for the NA server?

Yes it is.

and you do not plan to play on the EU server, even for order?

Yes, we can take a bounty for the EU server as well, however requests need to come through private message or via email. Thanks.

Okay Gents, back from holiday! Got stuck in the Caribbean due to Hurricane Matthew, but we’re back and ready to roll! Taking bounties as of today!

Excellent, I will be keeping y’all in mind. I lead a developing Trader Faction. It’ll be nice to have a little muscle when needed.

+1 For bounty Hunter being Bounty Hunters :slight_smile:

How much to clear out the pirates in trader world?

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Send him a pm :slight_smile:

I’m surprised Thranir didn’t put a bounty on himself yet ;).