The End of Thranir

Sadly i am here to say goodbye to this amazing community, i have meet the most extraordinary people in here, meet friends i never thought was possible in such harsh and evil game.

Yesterday i got an phone call from an big company offering me my dream job, with the new job it will leave me with zero gametime play, but i have to pursue my dreams to become what i allways wanted, being successful…

I wish to thank all of the community and i am amazed of how it grew so fast, we started out with barely 20 players online to an multi server community with over 4000 players, the dedication of Rexxus and Jascha has been unbelievable.

They made the best sandbox server on the internet with online tools, i am proud to been part of this development and seen it flourish.

I wish you all the best, and be easy on the admin team! :slight_smile:

Thranir signing off!


Goodbye, it was a pleasure to meet, you @Thranir and maybe in your spare time you join discord or the server…

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Cya thranir! best of luck.

Congratulations and keep moving foward!

Good luck and try not to work yourself to death.

Congratualations with your dreamjob! So you finally became president? :wink:

You will be missed my friend.

Popcorn time on the forum will never be the same but i wish you the best of luck with your new work.

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Good bye, thanks for everything you done and you will be always part of the community we wont forget you :blush:

Thank you Thranir for your kind words - very appreciated.

Wish you good luck with your dreamjob, with the (hopefully) success and I am sure that a “dreamjob” also means that you still have enough spare time to build your “dreamship” in Empyrion :wink:

See you soon


I wish you a lot of success Thranir ! oh damn digging tunnels without you won’t be the same mate :smiley:

Good luck thran, dont forget that a dream job is exactly that… A job…never forget what other life pleasures you have… cutting those out might dampen the dream…

Aim for your dream life… :wink:

have it all, you only get one chance :stuck_out_tongue: