The Homeworld System



Homeworld is a trademark and integral system of the HWS Universe. Players can count on its continued presence from season to season. It remains one of the richest sectors in the galaxy, possessing every resource - there for the taking for those who dare.

  • Iceworld: Once a thriving training ground for the Aliens, this low gravity planet allowed them to train for orbital operations and to this day you may find their technology as well as some remnant of Alien activity.
    If you ever need Erestrum, try to discover the planet at certain locations…

  • Lavaworld: A favorite of the Aliens and still used by them for training operations, but with opposite conditions from Iceworld. The heavy gravity, lack of water, and abundance of deadly lava, make it ideal for testing troops in harsh environments. Very rare resources are sure to be found here. Come prepared.
    The difficulty you will find here is compensated by important resources such as Zascosium.

  • Desertworld: Has plenty of Neodymium. It was never highly developed due to the fact the atmosphere, while good for humans, is uncomfortable for Alien life.

  • Waterworld: Once a space travel hub of the Universe, it boasts many Pentaxid in the planet crust to satisfy all desires of Space Travelers. Today, however, the planet is mostly flooded due to a failed geomagnetic experiment which caused the ice caps to melt.


The central nervous system of it all, Homeworld continues to be a hotspot due to the richness of its resources and the always sough-after Gold. It’s a hostile environment, so be prepared to fight for your wealth!

But before you can enjoy the huge wealth you have to capture the HWS Metropolis!

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