The Proximity Log not work, I need help please

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What happened: Since yesterday, Proximity Log does not work, it does not show anything, and my bases are attacked.
Player(s) with issue: TIaBaJI
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): 20:30-21:40
Structure Name(s): all
Structure ID(s): 23329297 23329297
How can we help you now: fix it please

The logs still work.

Please give us an example with Structure ID, Playfield, Time to check if something is wrong.

Now 20:30-21:40 my base on Homeworld under attack, but in the log no info. All info from over the past few days gone. Structure id 23329297 and 22389869

And I watched the attack, my base for some reason did not shoot at the enemy. The enemy is simply destroying my bases now without resistance.

My bases are destroyed, resources are lost, in a log these attacks are not displayed. My base is taken without a fight due to server errors, bring them back please and fix it.

I checked those bases and there are several entrys in the combat logs. But they are removed as soon as the structures where set to a new owner.
If not it could only be a browser error on your side.

About structure not defending itself: Do you have any video of proof. Are you aware of all the game mechanics that could cause it?

I clear cash browser with no rezults, no info on the log/ I change browser and in the log nothing. So I think that the server does not consider that my structures are attacked and does not protect them. In his opinion it someone’s structures do not require protection. My otherbase on PVP only atacket, but no log, In the log nothing.

Go to my account and check whether that will write you a log please. I know game mechanics, and i know the game has a lot of bugs.

The logs have nothing to do with the way the server runs. No logs does not mean at all that your base does not defend itself. The logs are made outside the game.

recently I changed the name of the faction, it seems that since then nothing is displayed in the log, maybe it’s a bug… I’ll check it.

Please tell me the fate of the ship " De-Fox" he disappeared in the pve zone. Can I ask if the owner has changed ? he was in my faction yesterday

Good observation.
I checked also some details and couldn’t find the reason except your crazy faction name with a lot of special characters. Stick to something easy as faction tag.

This is a separate ticket to keep it clean.
We can restore it for the common fee.

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