The secret of how to make 70 million credits for OCD 6?

Really guys, please please help me !

I have made around 2 million and will maybe close at 2,5. With massive trade, POI raids and gold digging (this is no problem due to the lack of competition on Golden Globe, only some clowns from TCH and ACE, not able to find their own back).

But how the heck shall i get together 70 millions ?!? I get 1% interest per day, thats 20.000 … not very impressive.

Is there a secret or do i really need 35 further HWS seasons to buy OCD 6 ?

How long did you play this season? 2 M sounds too little if you were truly playing and farming the whole season. You should try:

1- selling Epics / Armor / cores, these sell for a high price
2- trade resources , you should set up AMs and just keep selling resources from them at market
3- go for gold deposits if still available these yield much more than roids
4- farm roid off hours, with 1-2 hours you should get 500k so I’m not sure why you only got 2 M
5- kiss some asss and see if people will send you some

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plzz just dont.

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With a RHEA it’s easily possible to mine gold and reach OCD 6. Especially if you make it to the bank
everyday and collect your interest. (RHEA = 1million plus per hour mining meteorites)

Also many players are currently purchasing gold ore and ingots for far more than the credit value.

"only some clowns from TCH"
what do you mean?

it is easy now
dig 5 stacks of gold ore and make a ingot
sell to wanted market, and make a 375k per 30 minutes …

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Yea… Call me clown but i am mining about 1.5 to 2.5 Millions / day on GG. Not that hard

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That’s it?

Far better returns on HW. One day cleared 6.5 mil.

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Well some people have a life outside of Empyrion, you know jobs, families all that good stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

6M one day alone is definitely the higher end. 2 M is a good target.

I see @Mattcore37k @TacoIsland @BigRed and all the other active Op4 members/alliances farm around 2 million a day in gold. It’s called get out in PVP and mine the gold. You saying you only have 2 mill is your own fault! “Clowns on Golden Globe” blah blah go kill those clowns and mine the gold there. That’s how you get OCD 6. Only way possible is to mine gold, so get out there and mine that gold! I’ve seen @TacoIsland mine 5+ million in one night… So try again! :sweat_smile: