The Sphere big rework | Eton Update XY

Hi HWS Community,

over the last 2-3 weeks @Ju worked hard on a complete rework of “The Sphere” POI.
The Sphere is probably the most challenging POI you will find in Empyrion. Combined with its location in Black Hole (daily wipe + PvP) and very limited strategy patterns, you can’t complete it alone realistically and always live with permanent pressure while doing it.
The reward however makes everything relative, right?!

The Sphere | POI + PDA rework

The old The Sphere was quite ugly inside (of course, I made it :see_no_evil:) and a sporadic story. The reward was “ok”.

The new The Sphere has a very deep, challenging and very creative story inside. If you know the movie Inception, you will realize “you can always go deeper” :wink:
So be prepared for challenging puzzles, challenging fights and rewards worth ~ 10 million credits.

Followed by a reworked PDA Mission which makes use of a very new and innovative story handling, where I give you the option to either find the Mission Dealer, guiding you to Black Hole or dive directly into “The Sphere” Mission yourself.
Either way: the PDA reward with Commodity items are waiting for you!

Eton Update

That Event is probably the most popular Event by now. At least for PvP enthusiasts.
It’s important to know that it’s a benchmark for me. A fight between creativity and the limitations the game offers.

The good news: I know the boundaries now and working on them together with Eleon.
The “bad” news: It’s a “try & error” approach (as everything in this game).

That means in detail that my rework recently was a bit too rushed.

  1. I didn’t know you can’t just press W on HVs in space until you are in the planet (they changed it!?) You have to tap W and then deactivate the breaks with the “i” button to strive inside the planet.
  2. I made two big changes at once, which is never a good idea.
    2.1 I disallowed HVs on the planet
    2.2 I implemented Turrets inside the Tower which shoots ONLY at HVs. (stupid that it didn’t come to my mind earlier)

That means: with the next Event cycle you can spawn HVs on Eton again and the Metropolis Tower will hopefully handle HVs inside properly BUT the structure limits of HVs on Eton got reduced by 50%

  • 5 Faction HVs (before 10)
  • 10 Alliance HVs (before 20)

It should provide a smoother experience hopefully.

Note: Once Eleon implemented the Regeneration <> Land Claim Zone fix, my initial idea of the Land Claim Device will be applied. So you can’t spawn anything near the Metropolis until you destroy the Tower first and then the Land Claim Device. Maybe with Alpha 9.7 already.

These quite big Missions / Events are quite PvP focused but don’t worry PvE fans. Tons of Stargate Missions for the EGS HQ and Mission Dealer (PDA) are waiting in the queue next :slight_smile:

Enjoy the weekend and thanks for the never ending feedback!

Your HWS Team


Eton update

After I observed the Eton event on EU today :popcorn:
I just give up trying to do stuff with ingame possibilities.
The rule about stuff inside POIs got updated and I reworked the Metropolis one final time to prevent some unintentional gameplay.

Alpha 9.7 will help us a lot though!

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So last night we did the sphere. Was lots of fun. But one disappointing aspect was once we figured out the puzzles, we found the trader was ALN faction so we couldn’t buy or sell to him.

I’m guessing this is an oversight?

Not really. Let’s call it preparation.
In Alpha 10 I can configure traders in station to different factions.
So I can have a Polaris Trader in a Zirax POI as hostile story for example.
Same for Traders in Alien POIs.

We did the sphere recently as well, was fun! Especially so see we had 5 of us in there:). Never did figure out the code to that last door where the trader is. Going to have to try again since time ran out had to sleep.