The ThunderDome

So while I’ve been sitting at work, bored to death, I went through my old Imgur and found this.

(Yes that’s a space blimp)

ThunderDome was a server that ran for a game called Starmade about 4-5 years ago. While it was an open PvP server, it was usually at its peak player count when the owner was streaming his fight night/ tournaments.

(I’ll fix the youtube link when I’m home)

The ThunderDome was a big glass arena in space where everyone would gather during the streams to watch the fights. (And various factions would leave advertisements). The fights themselves where usually 1v1 but occasionally more and also including Free for all last man standing. Each player would enter a small hanger on either side of the arena and was given 1 minute to build a ship, once time was up the doors opened to each hanger.

In game prizes, like ships, were given out to winners during tournaments. Random stream viewers were also rewarded with prizes on the server as well.

The main thought I had on all of this was the publicity it gave his server and to the game itself. He even had the games creator as a co-commentator on fights a few times, (As well as some of the fighters too).

If someone decided to support this on Hws I think it could benefit the community as well as the Empyrion itself very greatly. Just food for thought.

P.S. Anyone interested in watching any old fights, just search starmade Thunderdome on YouTube