There is problem with the server for your playfield Earth X

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What happened:
I am not able to log into game after standard logoff inside my base. I received message “You cannot connect to the server. There is problem with the server for your playfield Earth X”

Player(s) with issue:


Time (cb:time):
18:24 GMT+2 but also two days ago

Earth X

Structure Name(s):
Base (BA)

Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now:
Check Earth X playfield or my position.

Will take a look soon

hm will be a broken structure, (Devs think a deconstructor).
I will check it now

Working again. Had to remove and restore your base.
Only thing lost might be the Signals and Group names and maybe fuel or so (I put some fuel and O2 in just to be sure). But it should work again.
Devs look into it

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Same message. Still cannot login. Message appeared at 33% of loading structures.

hm sorry.
It was again your base. But this time I can’t spwn it even. It crashes directly.
Devs are looking into one problem at the moment.

I found a way to spawn it again. But I had to take down your deconstructor. Otherwise it would crash again. Please let me know if it is fixed for you.

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Thank you, very much. Now it is ok.
Btw, last thing I put into deconstructor was large fuel pack, if it helps.

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