Third time in a week when I need to replant my farms

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**What happened:I have two farms in space, Lawless home. It’s third time in last 4-5 days when I find almost but not all plants dead. Check attached picture (dead plants removed, surviving ones only in the picture). Station O2 and power close to full.
**Player(s) with issue:roboo
**Time (cb:time):around 18:00 today
**Playfield:Lawless home
**Structure Name(s):Polar Space
**Structure ID(s):1740369
**How can we help you now:Just investigate the bug. If somehow you power down the structures during reboots, maybe power up them asap after reboot.

Look in the upper right corner of your pic. Your base isnt airtight otherwise it would be at 22°C. Install a Ventilator and get rid of glass doors. Close gaps and look per “N”-Button for possible leaks. This isnt a bug, you´ve build your Base wrong.

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Weird, now I notice the temperature. Anyway, farm is built in an armored concrete box with two armored doors airlock and it has a ventilator. But I will check air tightness again.

Nope, O2 everywhere, 24/25 Celsius when i sit right under a growing light. Checked from outside, the concrete box seems airtight, the only hole is the two doors airlock.

can you please send gareth your co-ordinates and he can come and see why its happening

We have same issue from last week.

This is not a bug related to HWS, it is an Empyrion problem and happens quite frequently in busy areas.

Yes guys,

except the general gameplay criteria of no radiation, perfect temperature, etc. for plants it might be related to the overall playfield data.

In HWS 2 we had this on daily basis with vanishing ships on Peacekeeper 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 because they were totally overcrowded.

If we look at this playfield for example:

You maybe see the problem yourself.

Since EVERYTHING in the playfield is currently loaded for everyone as soon as you enter it, this can be a big bad side-effect.

Gareth suggested I should add more O2 tanks, I have only one. So I’ll place 10 and see if problem comes back.
Yesterday night, when I returned from ECC, my space station was missing a big chunk of it, curious enough, the farm was missing a good part of it, if I recall now, there where plants were dead.
I relogged and everything rendered normally, but ofc, I didnt check farm last night.

Yes I have been seeing the same issue in Kratos platforms recently, with structures that have not had an issue for several prior weeks. It does only appear to effect plants that have been picked, not fully grown specimen

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