Timezone format change

Good Morning everyone,

since the wintertime started here in Germany last night I decided to reduce the overall confusion with an united system.
It is now the official UTC (Universal Time Coordinate) format.

Germany is UTC+1 - the wipe and other stuff happen at 9:00 o’clock
New York for example is UTC-5 - the wipe and other stuff happen there at 3:00 o’clock

This website might help too:


This is so annoying. lol. you just had a time change in your Country. Canada for whatever reason wont have it for another week. So now I have to train myself for a different time for 1 week and then change again. :slight_smile:

great, i like utc… i use it for so many games. Good move!

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Remember to update the guide slides to match :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like an excellent idea RexXxus,

Does that mean both NA and EU servers are set to the same time? That now being UTC?


They are on the same time but I help with different offsets.
In Europe it is +1 in America it is -5.

I mean I could only say utc +1 but then you have to calculate the offset

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All good,

our offset is +11 (from GMT) being on AESDST (Australian Eastern seaboard summer time)

holy shit x)

Yeah I figured out why the wipe counter in the sidebar is a mess.
So I try to implement a dropdown where you can choose your proper timezone and have the correct time then.

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