Tiny suggestion: Turn "Last visited" into "Last Touched"

Under structure command in HWS Connect, there’s a little text saying: “Last visted”. That should probably be changed into “Last Touched” since, it could probably confuse a lot of people. I know it already says this somewhere in the guide, but not everyone have read the whole guide though. I’m not saying i did this, but it seems like something, many could misunderstand. Just a suggestion :smiley:Screenshot%20(146)


Thanks, will be changed in the next upcoming patch.


Or maybe Last Interaction.

Good suggestion Dark - its the little things that count :wink:

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I’m not sure Last Interaction is enough though. Some people might still think, that using Control Panel is enough. By saying Last Touched, it should be very clear to understand.

You might also want to fix this on the forum @RexXxuS. When you look inside settings in the forum(I don’t know if it’s the same problem else where), some text is invisible due to Themes. It seems like when you use dark theme, the text turns white too, but the boxes stay white.

Light theme:

Dark Theme:

Last Touched is good, is that enough, to just bump off the structure?

You just need to have contact with the structure. Then it counts as visited. Accessing it through control panel isn’t enough

fixed but let me know if you find more. It’s a deep integration of my theme.

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I searched a bit, and wasn’t able to find any more. I’ll let you know if i do though :smiley:

Btw are you doing something with Commands, Features, and Support us? Seems like they’re unaccessable

yes, on it…

Do you need to stay for a while there? Trying that, sometimes I have been for 5 minutes before it would appear as recently visited in the website.

Sadly HWS Connect is not running with super speed. Sometimes stuff just needs a few minutes to load. For example when you vote, you won’t get reward, until 2-5min after :smiley:

wait? There’s a dark theme?!?!?!

Look in the left corner. You’ll see 3 yellow lines. In there you can change theme

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