To all the Traders around... PLEASE READ! -NA

> This is a call for all the Traders…
All the people that is alone on small factions…all the small groups…

We are holding a role that is not our role… We have been hide or holding positions against all the pirates same as the non traders that are more pirates than traders. Or those players that we dont even know what they are. The SFT is going to made a big change this week and we are calling all the traders and Alliance factions ( also all of those that like pve and pvp that dont want to play hide anymore on pve planets )

Are you here to play or to be hide?

Its time to flip the things back and to define the roles on this server. And lets make this server and the roles better.

> Union is strength, Union We Stand, United We are Strong,
It’s time to stand up be counted and resist.

NOTE: If your a pirate or a hunter this is not a call for a war or that you guys must react, you guys are already doing that…This is a call to help the server and the roles. Thank you

No repplys need please do it by private messages.

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As a trader we cannot fire on anyone unless they fire on us 1st. So its not like we can get a fleet together etc. You don’t say which server your on.

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Hey guys gonna rub my two wee penny’s here, I’m a trader on EU and alliance on NA. And after encounters with hunters acting more like pirates and also traders I’m sorry to say but if I feel a threat I will act regardless off faction guidelines. In short I will shoot you in the face if I feel your going to attack me like the hunters on gp who hunt in numbers and destroy your ship while your mining before coming to kill you, I now carry a rocket launcher while I mine and won’t hesitate to use. Also with the reports of gate camps and having encountered them myself I now warp with turrets active if I arrive at a warp in zone and there are ships there I expect an ambush but will not be caught sitting on my hands, if ur fueling to warp again I will turn my turrets off apologies and reimburse you if nessacery. But I will only do this if my two conditions are met. A). Be verbal in chat, inform me your are none hostile. B). I will not deactivate my turrets if yours are active and I come under fire. As a trader I should have the right specially when on a PvP playfield to defend my cargo regardless if iam shot apon first or not. As a member on alliance faction I act in the same manner but traders and alliance must open fire on me before I engage but thanks to the various hunter faction who have repeatedly attacked me I now class hunter factions and pirate faction as a threat and deem that shoot first ask questions later approach as an acceptable pre-emptive strike.
I’d also like to add that I will not grief you. These actions are not to spoil your fun or steal your resources it’s for my protection. If however your not a dick hiding in the wrong faction aka pirate traders or rouge hunters feel free to add me on steam or message me in game because if I know prior to encountering you that you pose no threat if or when we meet I won’t have to take action to protect myself and I’m more than happy to help anyone or team up. United is better.

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You have valid points, I myself have been rather lucky and only ever been attacked by a single SV which I managed to escape from. The idea that I think Rex had was that we call on Alliance for protection. Bounty Hunters for revenge. Which larger trader factions might work. But for single traders we are single cus we want to be. So asking for help is not wanted. I know for a fact if I am attacked/destroyed all it will mean is that I have lost a very small amount of my wealth. Not a big issue really.

Yup I think your right and the roles would be great and work well but as it stands there seems to be more players joining a faction and acting out with the role they should or have chosen to play.
This is having an adverse effect and causeing players to act defensively for example on NA I’m alliance and like I say I tend to run solo, not wronged anyone and help out if and when I can but have been killed by various hunter factions for no other personal gain than to try and loot the resources or gold I have collected. Being alliance the only players I should be targeted from are pirates.
Lose of resources for me is never really an issue they can be accumulated again quite easily it’s more the principle in my opinion.

By the time the alliance arrives your ship is probably long gone. And when they do they probably need a hefty payment for all the damage they will sustain and the ammo & fuel & pentaxit they must use to help you.

Also most alliance players have no battle-ready pvp ship. Either no ammo, are in repairs, forgot where they parked them, have none, etc. Will take like 3 hours for them to arrive. Plus they might lose.

That’s kinda the point of this post though. SFT is trying to actually break up the pirate dominance on NA - because it seems that pretty much everyone else has thrown in the towel and is happy hiding on PvE relegated to be nothing more than a pirate punching bag.

LBP as pirates have fought more pirates this week than any other faction. We don’t care who we fight so that’s fine by us - but I would expect most Traders to have preferred fewer pirates around.

Yet given the lack of positive responses to this - again this seems to be the typical Trader reasoning “Well yeah, there are pirates out there - why isn’t Alliance cleaning up this mess?!”


I have said it before but I’ll say it again. I will never understand why traders feel entitled to alliance protection while completely failing to reimburse them for time, ammo, and materials to repair battle damage.

Either keep the alliance factions in ships so they can defend your are stop whining in chat when nobody comes to save your dumb ass.


Agreed with @Xanif and @Mordgier

SFT is also switching from Traders to Alliance today to make the server and the Alliance role better since mostly other traders/ hunters has thrown in the towel and are happy hiding now under the new pirate factions.

If you want to see a change them join us @TinyDewDrop… or lets work together.

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Yup I agree very valid points, I tend to run about gp with a rocket launcher and drill after dumping a disposable sv, I do this both as a trader on EU or as alliance on NA.
there’s also a notable problem though apart from the arrival time and costs, turrets also can cause an issue, if they trader has turrets enabled the turrets will automatically target anything that’s not it’s faction, this includes not only alliance but private vessels owned by that player or faction, so in order to be helped as things stand, you must turn yourself into even more of a sitting duck if or when help arrives.

[quote=“SpiritMIA, post:9, topic:2092”]
If you want to see a change them join us @TinyDewDrop… or lets work together.
[/quote]I am already alliance. But:

  • ammo costs too high
  • often not enough people online
  • hard to work together with other alliance factions because of lack of game features
  • can not beat pirates 1-1. Their ships are 4x as good as ours (and probably 10x as expensive).
  • have no incentive to re-ammo and refuel my ship. Too expensive. 60k in fuel costs alone for 1 battle… that’s JUST FUEL for 1 ship…
  • try not to shoot the trader(s).

With the tank meta going on now for CV’s + increased ammo costs it’s just hardly worth fighting just to get the pirates one day out of planet x or y. The only way to stop the pirates would be to literally take over the entire planet but then your turrets would also shoot traders… Again lack of game features.

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-Ammo cost is very cheap for us. Also safe if you follow the planet rotation.

  • Mostly times we have 4 to 7 people on from 16 right now. And we are always active on TS
  • We have Bounty Hunters to work with them if its needed even if we dont use them yet.
  • We work on what we have till patches come.
  • You can if you have a plan…mostly pirates factions are pretty easy to defeat even with a 2vs you…But vs the LBP you need a plan and it is possible to fight them. Just work on your ship while gaining experience on fights. Nothing is impossible check out this video: . And they are also helping the players to give them better fights.
  • Check their tags and you will be fine.
  • Incentive… what more do you need than to play and have fun with your friends? Maybe what you need is a good faction with friends to share this game. Plus teamwork…

So I insist…If you want to see a change them join us @TinyDewDrop… or lets work together.

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As it is at the moment alliance faction is pointless. Now hear me out I do not expect alliance to come when I ask or infact do anything for me. No one is using them or paying them so what is the point in having alliance faction? @RexXxuS the alliance faction really needs looking at. Costs are too high for them and lack of rewards. Perhaps RP for every pirate ship with that more RP for staying in PVP each day which in it self would mean they are protecting the PVP space. more RP cheaper packages or market prices.

HWS as i see them the leaders of the universe should be paying the alliance more to protect everyone. Yes still have the option of people hiring them but my taxs I pay should be going to the alliance. Perhaps a % of teh daily tax is paid direct to each alliance player in PVP?


To give you an idea, our pirate ships range from 30k iron at the low end to 70k iron at the top end (and the proportional amounts of sathium to that iron amount) with a trivial amount of other resources.

You should, and I mean you really should, set up a private server for your alliance faction to build ships and test them. I don’t even mean design a really cool ship with a ton of guns and fight each other immediately. I mean, design a ship, spawn a prefab ship, and watch how the turrets behave. Make notes of the damage pattern your ship sustains. You should have a very solid grasp of how a ship takes damage before you try to design anything more complicated.

Once you have a good idea of how turrets work you should start making designs and fight each other. Why do this on a private server? You can spawn items as if you were in creative. If you try to learn how to fight on the live server you won’t be able to sit there and analyze what’s going on and since you are using real resources you won’t be able to afford to…

Do stupid stuff. The vast majority of our discoveries have been by accident while doing something that we thought wouldn’t work but might be funny. Most of these discoveries are worthless and obvious (flying straight towards an enemy that is armed with artillery turrets does, in fact, end with an artillery shell in the front of your ship) but some of them really surprise you. Since you are on a private server and have infinite resources losing a ship to doing something stupid doesn’t set you back.

Get you BC autominer to level 10. We’re drowning in pentaxid. As for prom you will have to mine that yourself if you weren’t lucky enough to place autominers before the deposits were depleted.

As for ammo costs I have no idea what you’re doing but ammo has never been something we have had issues with. [quote=“SpiritMIA, post:12, topic:2092”]
Nothing is impossible check out this video: . And they are also helping the players to give them better fights.

Do not use this as an example of good piloting This was an entertainment video. This is one of my first “real” fights and my own faction members have commented on how I made an absurd number of mistakes. If you take anything away from this video it should be that flying the way I did results in heavy damage to your ship.

I don’t see a point to being something other than trader or pirate at the moment. I hope that is addressed going forward but I have no simple fix for it.

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[quote=“Xanif, post:14, topic:2092”]
To give you an idea, our pirate ships range from 30k iron at the low end to 70k iron at the top end (and the proportional amounts of sathium to that iron amount) with a trivial amount of other resources.
[/quote]My smallest battleship is over 100k iron. Iron is also more of a problem than sathium (sathium is fast to mine and you don’t need much of it). And some of the pirates ship were 6+ times my size so they must be at roughly 600k to 1 million iron per ship. You can also clearly see this because the sathium planet deposites are not even mined out (no meteorites). Meaning people don’t need sathium and buy them purely from NPC packages and whatnot.

Yeah I never follow the rota pve planets for magnesium. Too much work I don’t like going there to service them all the time.

Judging from the fight last night, the biggest ships simply win. Most of my turrets don’t fire or only fire a short burst every 10 seconds and I tested singleplayer and there I do many times more damage per shot. So a lot of shots are probably not registered by the server at all. If you just build your ship big enough, enemies can’t kill it and when they hit a critical component, you just build a new one because who cares your ship is pure tank.

Because there is a turret limit + server bugs + lag + whatnot the key to winning = have the most and biggest ships and have a minimum of 6 figures in ammo for pulse and atleast 5k rockets per ship. Because you need over 6 figures in ammo if you want to take down a tank like that by yourself and be preprared to fight for hours.

You are correct in that you need quite a bit of ammo but biggest ship does not guarantee the victor and outside of pulse laser ammo our ships sip ammo.

LBP has lost exactly one ship in combat despite pvping every day since 4.0 launched. Like I said, our largest combat ship is 70k iron and is extremely effective. At a certain point adding more armor does nothing but slow you down for no meaningful additional protection.

Singleplayer only tells you so much. You need to test your ships on a private multiplayer server with other people or you are going to continue to fail to understand CV combat mechanics.

Also, I have no idea how you’re gathering resources but sathium has been our bottleneck for weeks now, Iron is a complete non-factor.