To Any Remnants of Gunny's Faction on NA

If you were part of Gunny’s faction and are now stranded in deep space after he rage quit and cored his own ship full of YOUR resources - please reach out to me or Xanif on Discord.

We hold no grudge against you. Regardless of what Gunny told you there was no plan to track down the ship full of resources that I had given you.

We had every intention of tracking down Gunny is his combat CV and watching him rage about being slaughtered in that hunk of junk - but we had no interest in killing the baseship we had given you or the new players he was eagerly recruiting to harvest resources for him.

We can rescue you and resupply you if you choose to stay on HWS. Once again - there are no grudges against you.


I’m glad to see this. I was talking to one of this faction members and they had mistaken me for one of you, so got to hear the story a bit. Seems they’re all screwed floating 40KM in space with nothing at all. This is cool of you guys.

I’ll be happy to help you guys round them up or help get em started on trader again.


Yeah no idea how many are left and how many followed him to his own server - Preacher reached out to us and MCP took care of him. Not sure if there are others who are left.

I thought it was pretty obvious that we were just funding Gunny to build his combat ship and try to fight us since he claimed it’d kill us all. Apparently that was a surprise to him…

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Grumpy is hilarious.

That is all.

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What you guys aren’t the “get free resources here” train?

Bad trader, bad player. They can enjoy his 4-slot server. :slight_smile:

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We’ve helped people in the past get back on their feet so they could pvp us again as driving people off the server like Gunny promised he would do to us ACP and ZC has never been our intent.

We love the game (when it’s not laggy) and frankly I’d be glad if more people streamed it and brought an audience to the game.

I honestly didn’t expect him to rage quit the server - I thought he’d stick around and try to put up a fight.

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Side note - do we have a stream thread to show folks’ twitch or other app names to follow? I’d love to watch some of your fights.

Back in topic. Very much agree. Pvp or PVE, thinning the server helps nobody.

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On this topic, and was mentioned before, LoT is happy to take in drama refugees from this debacle, provided they do not bring with them their own drama. We will be online this afternoon providing assistance and taking in preacher. If anyone decided NOT to follow the ball of drama into a new server, and wanted to stick around, feel free to message me on discord.
On a side note, I do stream daily now that we cannot trust having ships in deep space (because of timeout) and there is no more sensitive info like that to protect.

If anyone feels like seeing exactly what happens behind the scenes of an LoT operation or day to day upkeep.


wait what? when did this happen lol

That’s kinda how this whole thing started. Serious Squirrel (I think) killed Gunny’s base, Gunny raged about the Alpha guilds, we made fun of him in Discord because he yelled at his mom over burned pizza. He claimed he was a big deal because he had driven plenty of alpha tribes off of ARK servers and we would be no different.

He seemed to have a tendency to rage a lot…after all that’s how he ended up beating his ex gf and spending time in prison with a felony conviction for it. So I figured watching him build a CV and getting it blown up would be a great show.

I think you know the rest…


Goodness. So glad I was ill and off server for most of this.


You missed quite the show including several vague death threats aimed at prominent community members.

The pizza thing though was maximum lulz.



You missed a live stream of a Jerry Springer show. You can still watch it I think, but it’s not quite the same as live.

The best part was when he first banned me and then had a monolgue on twitch about “owning me” with his FAR better ship design and his strategy of using SV cores to make a CV that was “unkillable” - something we had never ever thought of!

I’ve never been a fan of twich steams before - but it was quite the show. He did a repeat yesterday after getting owned by NPCs on his own PvE server and quitting for the night…

I’ll be watching again tonight because I am not going to lie - I find the fact that he was talking about me and Vandruis for days really funny.

Also, he like me lives in Pennsylvania, so if I end up dead, we all know who did it.

Edit: Welp - he’s just made real actual death threats on his stream threatening to kill Vandruis in his sleep in real life. Twitch


Lol his stream is now called “When default is harder than the “hard” server.”

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He sounds like the guy making the most sense right now. My mom burned my pizza once and things were never the same. Is this your first time seeing a meth addict?

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Cool for picking up preacher and the others.

Regarding gunny itself I discussed it already.
Don’t let the same history happen as gamersglitch.

We have better things to do.

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