To bost the jet for HV to REX

If you dont mine bost the jet 1,3,1 on HV from 90 to 110 thrust. If you put a small is 1.1.1 has 40 thrust and mid is 1.2.1 has 80 thrust for the same as a jet for 1.3.1 to mack the jet Engines warth puting in the hover tanks

Can you please rephrase your feedback?
What exactly should be done?

is that beter for you

I was chatting with him in Discord about this, so I’ll try and provide some clarity.

He is asking for you to boost the “Force value” of the 1x3x1 HV Jet from 90 to 110.

If you take a single small thruster and a medium thruster, those two thrusters have a stronger thrust value than one 1x3x1 Jet Engine, while also taking up the same amount of space. One small and one medium thruster has a total value of 120, taking up the same amount of space of a 1x3x1 jet engine which only has a thrust value of 90.

So, it makes more sense to use a single small and medium thruster than a single jet engine as the single and medium combo has 30 extra thrust when compared to the jet engine.

yes but for my tank i can fit 35 mid thrust give 8m/s but 27 jet thrust give 6m/s for the same spase to billd if you bost the jet that 27 jet can go up to 8 to 10m/s and you can fit more RCS on the tank in the limits.

It only makes sense if you don’t take into account the block limits.

For example on a SV that has a limit of 3k blocks you get a better thrust ratio with less thruster blocks.

I don’t think the 1x3x1 need to be changed.

it is for hv for the combat steal block that are 2x and have 400hp as have as the harding blocks have 200hp

It seems likely to me that Elon would update the HV thrusters and RCS in the near future after releasing combat steel for HVs. I’ve built quite a few HV’s since the combat steel was added and to get decent agility they don’t typically reach the block limit because of the amount of RCS and thrusters currently needed.

Really hope some improved HV thrusters and RCS are on the way soon.