To catch a possible thief, info wanted please!

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What happened?
=> We have a faction supply depo for faction use. It doesnt happen often but sometimes things go missing and a large quantity of Pentaxid has gone missing from one of the boxes. I would like to know who removed the 150k pentax at around 4:30pm server time.

Player(s) with issue? (steam name)
=> Brick Top

Server? (EU or NA)
=> EU

When did it happen? (Use server time: type ingame cb:time)
=> at around 3:30pm / 4:30pm (server time)

On which Playfield?
=> JVI HQ - Venture Primus planet

Structure Name(s)?
=> JVI Depo (specifically the pink PENTAX container controller box)

Structure ID(s) (Open ingame console and type di)?
=> 2006817

How can we help you now?
=> Identify who removed the 150k pentax from the container box please.

Sadly there’s not much the admins can do here.
But if you want a suggestion, then have someone make the base private, and then put a code lock on the containers. Then only allow specific people access to the container, or just keep your resources to yourself in your own base maybe…


I’m sorry this is not a solution! All i have requested is information on who took the pentax

Like the quote above said, that isn’t something the admins can help you with.
With alpha 12 issues the quote above means a lot more than it previously has. The admins are really busy with tons of thing including trying to fix eleon’s mess.
If everyone comes asking for this kind of information the admins will have even less time to work on HWS.

I already tried to offer you some solutions on how to avoid it in the future.

I’m sorry Dark that is absolute rubbish! We have a lock code on the box. If you are saying you can’t be asked to look into then that is another issue i have a problem with. Dark i know you do not have permission to do this kind of check so what you are doing now is extremely unhelpful. I know for a fact an issue like this could come under the anti griefing rule too which would warrent someone simply giving the information i have requested.

Mate please, the admins have tons of stuff to deal with already, please let’s not add more to their list :slight_smile:

I can’t check it no, but I am a moderator on HWS and part of my job is to help solving issues/tickets so the admins don’t have to.
I already gave you a quote, directly from RexXxuS which states exactly that the admins can’t help with this.

Maybe, but for the rule to go under this you have to find out yourself who did this. If you can find out (with proof) who did it, then it’s a different scenario, and if their intentions were clear as griefing, then the admins can handle it.

I’m sorry we can’t help you mate, but it would just be too time-consuming for the admins to check every case similar to this.

1.4 Sabotage and / or Infiltration: You are not allowed to sabotage and / or infiltrate other factions. If clear proof and evidence are provided, we may investigate suspected violations of this rule.

Seriously im not trying to be a problem person here but I am also concerned that ICE a player with multiple accounts and that been recently been perma banned could also be griefing us too. I have provided all the required information for this to be looked into.

Hello Bricktop.

Dear BrickTop,

I believe that Dr Dark is correct. Nevertheless, Rex will issue final judgement upon their return, but the rules appear quite clear in this regard.

Ultimately this is an internal faction issue and it is best to speak about to people to see if anything in the faction has taken anything or misplaced it elsewhere first. It has only been a few hours since it happened I can tell and therefore someone may have accidentally logged off with it or some such incident.

Either way be sure to ask about the faction, I know we had disappearing pentaxid in PKA in 5.0 but never found the culprit.

Good luck,
Best regards,

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Look in ingame proximity tab for structure it will show you who was there at the structure at that time


might not say who took it but you can see who was at or inside structure

I know it´s an older answer from RexXxus but it looks like the same problem. If you think one certain person from your faction could have been taking it, and you know in which time it could have been happen, maybe RexXxus could check the Inventory, if he got the spare time. Otherwise, i dont think the admins could help here.

Good hints were provided here.
While it’s true that it’s not our business we try to help nevertheless as good as possible. IF information are provided.
@BrickTop provided almost everything he could so I tried to search but can’t tell who took 150k pentaxid.
I have also only the information you have yourself now:

The intruder log (Eleon implemented our EAH feature into the game).
I checked all players backpack in that timeframe and didn’t see them.

Note 1: tracking could be slow
Note 2: we can’t track WiFi stuff

So if I could, I would have told you but container logging is not implemented yet like backpack logging. :frowning:


Thank you for this information Rex I appreciate the time taken.

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