To drive out the truth

To new people wandering into the topic:

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened:
=> [F_U] Politary admits to getting a fresh OPG blueprint shared to U-T from a spy, but refuses to reveal said spy.

Spying / Infiltration is against HWS rules.
I asked Politary to give out the details, to which he only responded with smiley face & “Russian spies everywhere”.

His confession (in Russian) below, thanks to @IceDrugg

Player(s) with issue:
=> Fallen Angel, U-T Faction, OPG Faction

=> EU

Time (cb:time):
=> 00:45

=> N/A

Structure Name(s):
=> N/A

Structure ID(s):
=> N/A

How can we help you now:
=> I suppose Politary should expose a spy if he knows about it & should be requested it by admin if he refuses to.



@Fallen_Angel talking about spys … i said i will be silence what U-T did 5sessions long till now (steal blueprints fresh out of factions with third persons)
Outcome here will be nothing 1. Privat writing 2. No trust level for Ice 3. if you got rly a spy in your faction who working for F_U maybe its time to Reduce your “members” … cause you invite everything and everyone no wonder if so people can join easy peacy. by the way (Blueprints can only make from “Admins” in the Faction´s.

And a spy need get handlet from the Faction itself rexx will make there nothing… read rules. “cause politary” not infiltrated and Sabotage … so anyone of your members gave it him it means you got leaks and its not a rule break cheers & greets. (pls dont rage now thanks) ((Neutral Statement))

So your “proof” is my words in public channel in your discord?


if you got probs with my neutral statment … and i should see anything that you rage then is poland open.

If you’re saying it’s lying, there is no way I can prove otherwise.

Then I’m just sad you’re trying to make a joke with this subject or even worse, trying to affect OPG/U-T relationship with lies.

No need to make a forum post then.

@Politary was a long standing member of Obsidian Syndicate on both the Inflicted and Shattered Realm servers as a high level officer in my ranks. We have a strick application and interview process that is almost military level. He has nothing but honor and integrity; but, he is efficient and ruthless in combat. It is more likely that he won your equipment in a battle with one of you less then qualified members in your extremely bloated ranks. It seems you are more intent to throw the narrative of the story to him stealing it since he is a excellent player in the top faction at the moment and you lost your Secret Weapon to them. My suggestion is keep in private and train your ranks better.

Just because he alluded(in a very causal way) to there being spies in this game and on this server, does not tie him to the act or count as proof to your accusations.

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Glad to hear it’s unlikely his words are true.
I’ll rather have him lie than have actual spy in the faction

Only reason for topic is to drive out the truth which he refused to give before making it.
He was asked 3 times to provide the information to avoid making public topic.

If it’s lying I’ll take it as is. Would have been easier if it was told before having to go through all the unnecessary trouble.

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If you the enemy faction, then why does he have to tell you anything? He has it, you lost it! Enough said. Figure out what happened in YOUR faction to prevent it. He is your enemy and he did his job!


Where I come from, lying is not a common solution for normal life.
I tend to believe what people tell me. If it was lost in combat, he should have simply said that instead of causing problems between allied factions (who share BPs) by telling other one of them has a spy.

Edit: He also had plenty of chances to tell he was lying about this spy stuff before the post was made.

Well, you must live in a fantasy. I’m in the Military. Military’s lie all the time! It keeps the enemy distracted, and it looks like Politary has you distracted from the real problem. How did he get it, and who was flying it.


Hail Rockie ! best boY

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My new hero

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Very smart man.

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Wow they actually took it serious and made a forum post. Maybe check with your members to see if they lost something first? :joy:

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As has been said several times, the only reason for forum post was to drive out the truth.
I have no time discussing it over and over in hopes someone replies to me.
It’s easier to drive out the truth when people have pressure responding.

It was solved the moment Politary (finally) replied.
The only reason was he refused to tell the truth without posting.