To Jasha re: AM glitch

Sorry. Post closed before I could respond:

My Inventory was completely empty when I initiated get:all and for me that fills up about half of my space so plenty of room. While I was receiving the ores from the AM, I was transferring items into my inventory and maybe what I was placing took the spot of where the sath and gold wanted to go? But the SA and GO don’t transfer next to each other. There are ores in between. However, that was the first night. The second night, it just never popped into my inventory. Maybe it glitched. Yay Alpha! lol You guys do a great job. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly and I hope this posting helps you track down the cause if it wasn’t User Error on my end :smile:

I never dare touch the inventory when inventory movement is taking place (even am:fuel).
There are many factors (including lag) that can make thigs go wrong. So better let it finish quietly.

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Agreed. They just wanted to know what was what. Strange, though, that it had a lasting effect over a day and a half and to get:alls…

Two more*

Strange when ever that happens I find by typing am:get:all again it gets what ever was left out last time.

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