To the guys who dont know when to stop!

Factions that exploit and ruin the game and serverplayability!

To RED(Active massive players) SWP(AFT 1 man faction for the last 2 weeks at least and abusing OP towers/bases) (“L”) (Was a very strong and active playerbase a few weeks ago) Now they are barely on just to spawn OP towers/bases.

“UMB” (must be a girlfriend faction to RED and maybe SWP to spawn OP turrets/bases). New faction on the line SAW, one man/girl faction, probably another OP base/tower faction…

The way you play is what I call cheating in the “grey zone” Some of it is in the “black zone”

For the game itself it is good to encounter this to get it “fixed” However you guys, (SWP and rest of RED with girlfriends), you do exploit it over and over! Since the start really and use it against your opponent!

I dont have much to say in this case, but if you want your opponents to leave your gameplay, well, I guess you succeded, I’m not playing with this bending of rules and cheating. I just want to log on and have a fair fight!

Within our faction we have discussed to have several “girlfriend” factions and split up our own factions to do the same thing as you do, but we agreed on not to do it. Not the way we like to play…



If you read the rules on it then you would see that there is a limit to how many alt faction you can have. I don’t agree with it either but that’s the way they have it set. IMO there should be a limit such as a faction requires 3 players or something to prevent 9 million OL protected bases on the server

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A 3 player faction will not be a problem tho! We can have like 10 of those…Not sure how to fix this but in my opinion OP on PVP need to be gone! Maybe there is some other ideas?

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If we really go in for it it we could have the whole planet covered with “girlfriend” OP protected bases…

I completely understand your frustration and I agree. Thats why I suggested no more one man faction. If you set to min of 3 players then will greatly reduce the problem

Also the alt faction can’t build within 500 meters of ally base so if you see that screenshot and report

As I said earlier its not!
It will reduce it yes…
Not gonna help tho in terms of exploits…

As far as OP being gone in PvP I don’t see it happening BC its too easy to take out bases. Bases are very underpowered and believe it or not OP used to be disabled on this server… It was horrible and made no sense to attempt to live on a PvP planet at that point

what exploits are you referring to?

Beeing 3 man faction, we are like 50+ easily with girlfriend accounts. What Im talking about is that “only 3 faction members” can turn the tide in a heavily PVP battle

not an exploit. Please read HWS rules section 2 paragraph 4. Multiple accounts. However it isnt supposed to be used to gain massive personal advantage but that is extremely difficult to moderate. I dont agree with alt accounts at all but its there and no way to stop it until rexxus reviews and modifies it.

Not talking about if its an exploit or not all in all. Just refering to generll gameplay overall! How is this server served with cheating or exploits? Just asking… You Beetle, if you want to be a lawyer go for it! :slight_smile:

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This needs to be monitored by the admins and fixed. I have been watching the abuse this season and if nothings gets done my whole family is going to play the game. Like @Serious_Squirrel said it will be a race to the bottom if nothing gets done.


I think only Eleon can fix this, they need to make structure with olp active not fire weapons, or require atleast 2 hours of a faction online per day to recharge olp.

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Could always disable OP for family share accounts…

If you want all the features then buy yourself a copy of the game. IMO family sharing of Empy is a bad idea.

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I still think we should make 50 factions with towers and bases 315m from each other and place 100 towers on GG. With offline protection ofcourse. Then just drop by here and there to collect loot.
And ofcourse another 100 towers around RED and friends bunkers…
I wonder if they would be happy about this.

Loke those factions probably laugh while reading your post.
I probably would force them to quit season with swarms of OP bases and towers and just go fight OPG since they play fair.

This is what we are temted to do but dont, I know its hard but its not our job as lawless to run players off!

YES! OPG seems like a fair and determined opponent!

Sayak! <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<it has crossed my mind! I say let us not be like them!

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If it has OP then it can’t be within 500 meters of another structure