To the NA players: new/old restart Poll

Hey oversea folks,

Some complained that we have basically EU times on the NA server.
However the timezone shift stuff is the reason is that we (Jascha and me) can take of both restart times while we are awake.
Now we have the awesome help of @hopskotch so it is maaaybe not that important anymore. At least to “sleep” in one restart time. (at least one time needs to be in our timezone though - the wipe one).

So let’s give me your vote. Instead of throwing this big number clock times list again just write in the comments what you prefer.

#Best if you recalculate your wish with our cb:time clock and use SERVER TIME.

You can also just say what we decided before - 8AM and 8PM and I will do the math (UTC-5).




+1 for me

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What is the window for the wipe restart? To best accommodate the admins.

I mean, my vote isn’t really time related. “Don’t fix what ain’t broke”

If it works ‘as is’ for you guys, leave it be. If times need to shift between admins handling different windows, do whatever fits best in YOUR schedules.

Downtime is typically negligible anyway and you’ll never find that perfect time that fits everybody, and with only a couple guys keeping things running, it’s not unreasonable people should be on board with working around your schedules.


I just hope that moving the North American server to the EU doesn’t make the ping worse for those of us in North America.

That’s not even in the plan, so hope no longer!

Although I would be down for that! Massive 340 player community. :ok_hand::ok_hand:

Perhaps i’v misunderstood this whole switch thing. Its a temporary thing right? I’d be happy with a 400 plus server too. :slight_smile:

Leave it as it is
Also when future problems will happen it will be more convenient for the main admins

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This, just in actual EST, not server time, which I think would translate to 2 AM/PM for server :slight_smile:

I’m on GMT +8 lol, I will still play. In terms of server restart time, I’d adhere to whatever the decision is. It is made more for administrative purposes so whichever is easier for the team to access, I am for it :slight_smile: