Today I saw that one of my SV ship was missing!

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What happened:
=> SV ship with name Yang is missing

Player(s) with issue:


Time (cb:time):
=> I see only today at 18:00

=> Sanctuary

Structure Name(s):
=> Yang

Structure ID(s):
=> I don’t know ID,because is missing

How can we help you now:
=> I had two CV and two SV.One SV with name Yang is missing.I mention that I did not exceed the deadline of 15 days for logging in.Basically, I logged in almost every day.A few days ago I checked and I had 14 days log in for all structures.
Thank you

You have to touch the structures. It is not enough to only log in

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sry but I can’t find that structure.
Only these structures

Must be older and not in our backpacks anymore :frowning:

Thank you RexXxus,for help.But the ship existed until recently.It is a bug,no problem,I will build another.She was inside of Hexagon.

Hi,Dqgnflua,thank you for replay,sorry for the late response.Yes,was touched.It is a bug,I’m sure.

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