Tool down on PVE + desynchs

Chatbot commands are down on PVE server (relog didn’t get it to work so it’s probably down).

Also I lost 1.5 ship due to desynch. I notice I’m desynched, I land, relog. Then I see that 90% of my ship is destroyed by some alien turret…

Spawned new ship, assaulted base again, again got desynched, ship heavily damaged upon relog…

After that I tried to warp home… Got desynched during warp… Jesus… Desynchs = awful! Then I found out that the chatbot is also down…

Logfile (will PM) is loaded with warnings:

Sequence number mismatch
Can’t send RPC function since no connection was started.

Dont know about desync but i updated the tool around that time. So thats why it was off for a few minutes. Should work now. BTW: also the lot:list

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lot:list works now :slight_smile: