Top Gun

Top gun mission is broken, not only did we enter it with only 2 minutes of game play, after the door on the enemy base was destroyed, we found no portal and we received a 30 second warning that we were being logged out.

More over, an SV got stuck on something that was invisible, precluding your ship from leaving the launch bay. All the while, we are taking enemy fire, and the SV was being destroyed. Also, because the doors are too close to the Fighters, or the fighters too close to the doors, the fighters are being damaged by blast blast damage from the enemy rockets.

Effectively, we lost everything in our invintories without a chance to actually accomplish anything in the mission. The mission briefing should warn us not to bring anything to the mission to begin with, as you do not need outside resources.

Never heard of it. Do you have a video of it?
The Portal is in the Enemy Base indeed, behind the hangar doors.

For the rest I need a video since I can’t restore or fix anything otherwise.

Hi Lokiet, I haven’t seen or located the top gun mission this season, but assuming that it has not changed, I can answer some of your points specifically, as this mission was one of my design entries into the last HWS community content contest:

This is actually not quite true - though it is entirely understandable that it may appear that way. The SV fighters are already battle damaged inside the mothership before the mission even starts (this is a design feature of the mission for balance reasons). The hangers doors do not take any damage (admin core).

If the hanger door will not open you need to reverse and go forward to engage the opening or press the “f” key as normal. Its in the middle of a battle - things do go wrong and pilots have to improvise!

The last point on the mission briefing wall says:

  1. “Return in time or lose backpack”
    (Also the briefing has the line “succeed or die”)

The intention is the make it pretty clear of the risk level

  • The mission timer should have the time as displayed in the briefing. (which is not 2 minutes - so if you have a video of this as RexXxus says that would be useful). RexXxus has already covered the return portal location question.

I hope this helps to cast a bit more light on the mission, up until this point I have only heard positive comments on the experience, which was designed to provide something a little bit different to standard POI busting. Perhaps give it another try, now you have gained some experience? It would be great to hear back that you have been successful on the second attempt. :+1:

The fighter could not launch, forward and reverse motion was not happening, only tilt up and down on one of the fighters.

As for timing, again, it was less than 5 minutes before we blew the door on the enemy base, and found no portal inside, but the 30 second timer began (before 4 minutes).

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