Top tier autominers

Top tier autominers - how do they work now? Previously we were able to put them when resource vein was higher than 10% and autominer was working even when resource was depleted. Speed was pretty fine.

I’ve heard that now autominer depletes the resource vein… so for example if I have a resource vein of 800 iron and I will put autominer on that and it can get for example 400 iron per hour then resource will be empty after 2 hours and autominer will stop working after that?

Also what about speed and storage? Is it the same as before?

As the resource gets lower it mines slower so in the first hour it would grab 400 then 200 then 100 then 50 so on, numbers are made up but it would last more than 2 hours.

So I assume that putting autominer on most resources is not a good idea. I assume that all HQ planets will have empty resource spots and only asteroids will remain right?

The only one place which will be good to put autominers is homeworld right?

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Pretty much yea, might be worth bringing them with and dumping them on a bunch of other resources while your mining to up your ore per minute, but something over night will either die on pvp or be mined out by people on pve.