Toxic Waste

I found a bunch of toxic waste and was wondering what is could be used for?



Last season it was a hard to find commodity to trade at the racom stations for a lucrative profit. Haven’t finished investigations yet but I imagine it is the same this season, just not as hard to find.

Ok that was funny.

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There is a raccom that buys it but it ranges in price now 30 to 70 credits per. When I found a cache of thousands of toxic waste in a poi I was hoping for last season prices but alas that’s not the case, unless there is some trader out there that wants it?

Trading is not yet set up for this season I believe so the price will probably be adjusted at some point. What poi was it?


don’t post it…have an auction and sell the location to the highest bidder…

Bob: 5mil

on atlantis check out the pois there like I said u get a lot when you find the loot so I think price has been adjusted for the numbers…and who whats to buy toxic waste anyways :grinning:

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It’s to be stored for later, maybe in the future we can use it to build a dirty bomb so to speak and raise the radiation levels in an area to ridiculous levels.

Haha that would be funny take out a base on GG

That must be what happened on Prototype planet…