[TRADE] Did someone stolen your pony?

So… someone stolen your pony, eaten your cake and burried your base with massive fire of advanced PvP ships ?

Worry Not !

We have great solution for you just in the middle of ECC !

Maruder Export !

For only 90k You can have Maruder-Class PvP SV with full blueprint rights !

Not sure ?

Fear not ! Maruder-class is GMC main combat SV for quite a few seasons working miracles against giant armies of angry PvP factions even on high gravity Golden Globe.
It fits into most demanding PvP playfields thanks to class 1 and under 3k blocks stats !
Taking it apart would help you with design of Your own PvP ships !

And its fueled up !

Here are some pictures !

In case of any questions feel free to contact me on Discord !


One HELL of a ship! Many an enemy base has fallen to our Mauruder.

Enjoy all.

Best regards

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I once seen this ship murder three guys in a bar with a pencil.


I heard a snake once bit one of our ships. Shortly after the snake bit our ship the snake died, due to the poison running in our ship’s blood.

Maruder Export on Golden Globe with his older brothers :slight_smile:

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Maruder has a hidden gps which gives your location to the pvp factions. Dont buy!

Yeah i can detect them from 50m !

It also has a built in self destruct button last i checked! (/s) :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow!, I want my money back !!! :joy:

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