Trader Alliances, and Hurricane YouShouldaAllied

I’m cool. I make ally requests every time I log on. As I said my new base will cheap and have no turrets so there will be no excuses accepted for non allied Traders to destroy it. If they do, it will be a blatant act of War.

Agreed. Please let me know if anyone does. We will take care of them.

So it recently came to my attention that atleast one person was under the impression that this act was an “OP Zerg Faction bullying new players into joining”. So just to make sure it was clear to those who decided to take bits of my in faction chat out of context, we are not interested in forcing you to join our faction. Or give us anything. Coercing new members into joining is a quick way to get robbed, and/or get banned. My statement “join or die” or something like that that homeboy decided to take out of context was talking about the 5 days of traders blowing up new players because they were too lazy to send alliance requests, or thought it wasn’t important. Exactly three factions were the target, because they had refused alliances with everyone around them, and ignored many many attempts on my part to ask them to ally. In fact, in that same video, you see Walloud come up on us hitting the first base, and ask if we need help, because he kept getting shot down by that base that was his neighbor.
So ya. Just to be clear to those who dont know me, we are not a bullying faction. We keep to ourselves as much as possible, but emerge from that when necessary to help out where we can. And no we don’t want just anyone to join. The reason we succeed is that I am VERY selective in recruiting. I just want traders to stop blowing each other up. We have enough trouble with pirates without that.

Hey MC. One more thing. Does all of this apply to other Trader planets like Osiris?

Only thing that is “trader” is the origin, and starter system. Starter system is pve, so I dont bother, but people should use it to get time to ally before heading out. I am not familiar with Osiris.Edit Ok I see where it is now. If you set up bases outside of trader origin at this point, you open yourself up to attack by other factions. Particularly pirate, who also are one warp away from here.

OK. I wasn’t aware that Neptune was the only Trader planet besides the starter.

GKE turrets on Neptune killed me several times. Won’t ally. Lost a bunch of shit and an sv. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and keep trying to ally until tonight. Then I will nuk’em, online or not.

You see what I mean? Don’t be a dick? I left GKE alone. Parked my CV in Neptune space at the edge of the map last night. Got totally cored and gutted. Trying to follow the rules. Now I’ll live on starter and kill on Neptune.

Dude I know it is not the simplest situation but you seem to be the only one who is really having this much trouble with it. But for the record parking on the edge of the map is NEVER a good idea. You will get randomly found by someone. you need to park 50km or more from planet.

OK. Let me know if you’re ever recruiting.

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of alliances, go be an origin that doesn’t need them?