Trader attacked by 5AT

I was attacked by 5AT while on the gold planet today. He parked a CV close enough to snipe me off, then attacked with a SV. I was able disable the SV then was attacked with the CV. I won the engagement and was able to warp out, but nevertheless…I request sanctions be taken against them since the don’t play by the rules.

Also note the intruder log is incomplete again. The above is the only entry for today when I was attacked by a SV and CV from 5AT (same person).

I wish the guide was more clear on this. But it is not against the rules to attack other traders as a trader. It is only against the guidelines which means: no punishment whatsoever. This is like the… 3rd topic or so about this in 3 days?

I will say this when I was in 5AT they we defended our Gold Ore all day and night , a lot. The gold must flow… or is that spice ?

This was not a defense. there were no structures or ships around me and the meteor I was mining.

I also don’t agree with Tiny. If you are attacking traders without provocation, then you shouldn’t be hiding on the PVE trader planet receiving trader benefits. You should be “lawless”. If this is one of many posts on the subject then it’s obviously a problem.

Has been discussed many times. Rexus/Jascha are working on it. Until then we/you will have to live with it. Just consider everybody an enemy for now, simple.

5AT has a long history of attacking other traders unprovoked.

They are bottom-of-the-barrel in this respect.

BBQ Hunters (BQH) offers free base removal of any 5AT bases that you locate.

Shoot me a message if you have a location.

The offer stands in perpetuity.

5AT, including former members, must suffer for their sins.



from what the admins told me there nothing they will do about it.

Stay vigilant and kill everyone you see…

and if when you see a guy running around your destroyed base , Run He will toss explosive on your HV and kill you , lol :stuck_out_tongue: good times

great times :slight_smile:

There are new rules and stuff coming soon , staff is working on it atm to find the grey and weaker rules , please hang on gents , greetz MSE

The grand part of GST talking trash about 5AT is just last night they attacked us on gold fed unprovoked in and out of atmo. Fact is 5AT got called on it a month ago, a lot, and worked really hard on these things, only to find no one else was paying any mind to the rp guidelines either, especially GST, and then a declaration from Rex that - hey it’s pvp space do what you want. Those aren’t guidelines. Those are the rules. So do what you want. GST sure does.

GST does not exist. It is BQH now.

You just earned yourself another wipe.

This was last night. Pay attention.

And how do you justify breaking the rules/guidelines last night you called us on that we’ve worked so hard on correcting? Is there a hatred clause I missed? I get it. All three of you hate us because in the distant past we did bad things to you. So that’s your excuse going forward? We were once bad, corrected it, and you can be terrible to us going forward evenso, despite this? Got it. You’re a terrible person, and you should feel bad, but I expect you won’t. See you soon.

Ivanov doesn’t care about the rules, he’s already said he’s going to attack us on sight for no reason.

When the new patch comes into play and he can’t just snipe out our base with no danger to himself things will change. Too bad he’s the type who doesn’t like to expose himself to any danger.

It is amusing that the faction (5AT) that has a history of attacking other traders and warp point camping, ON A THREAD ABOUT THEM ATTACKING OTHER TRADERS, is accusing other traders of the same activity.

The fact of the matter is this (and I don’t expect you to understand this as it is probably a little bit above your pay grade), when you build a base on gold ore – it will get attacked.

I find it amusing that this bottom-of-the-barrel fake-trader faction still bothers to put up a defense when they are constantly rolling around like pirates.

Really, the only way to solve this is to raise the OCD cooldown for traders (which, by the way, was raised because of 5AT in the first place).

And I do understand that you are a bit sore about the fact that I personally destroyed your 25-base 5-CV complex (which, by the way, is very poorly designed). If you want to see how to design base complexes, look at DSH. They know what they are doing.