Trader blocking and griefing


would like to get rid of commodity buying npcs all together we should have a player to player economy not a player to npc economy.

Also i would like to see the market tax removed everyone should not be afraid to sell anything for fear of paying tax or having their price slashed.

The current system has caused some down right boring and exploitative game play such as alts sitting on selling npcs to buy the items as soon as they are offered pve blocking and bases hvs and cvs built in trader areas.


personally I think they add to the game, just not in its current state, where one can horde all the vendor’s items and leave nothing for others… I believe once mass & volume are activated, it could improve this matter if properly configured…
I play on US and I visit pve traders quite often, I don’t think I’ve seen any alts there… only a few mains (I know we curse each other silently :blush:)
the PvP ones yes, a few times I went and they were defended by hostile factions, but that did not deter me, it actually excited me and pushed me to find a way to destroy them and would’ve maybe ended up in a bit of PvP fight if that faction was online… :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the feedback.

You can create an economy mostly only with a third party. Otherwise you have to “invent” prices.

Taxes are there for a reason. 2 years ago we hadn’t taxes and players exploited it. Example: mining on GG -> enemy coming -> sell stuff for 999999999 in Market -> later cancel the trade -> profit (invincible OCD in PvP)

It will be addressed in the new season. A lot more Anti Grief zones + a new rule preventing stuff inside bases.
Alt accounts is an universal issue. It starts with fa:supply farming. We try our best to monitor it and in edge cases our rule “Family Share Account” triggers -> ban.


I disagree, both player <> npc and player <> player economies should be viable choices to allow people for different types of gameplay

Personally I’d suggest changing current market tax to a small (like 0.1%) daily fee for storing items on the market so it wouldn’t be used as warehouse

I haven’t noticed any alts blocking traders, at least on EU, if you know about this you should report it as it’s against the rules. As for HVs in trader areas Rex has promised that it will be fixed in next season.