Trader Dispute (Resolved)

Op4 of OpT attacked and killed me, cnemus of OET on Gold Fed. Fake trader initiating trader on trader violence. Be aware.

Edit: Bounty no longer offered, mediation complete.

Edit: Op4 and I resolved our issues peacefully and I am personally considering this a misunderstanding.

If my faction hadn’t torn down the fleet already we would have accepted lol. Good luck :wink:

So look. I tried to explain after our encounter, but you were upset. I’m a new trader, been solo for a month and wanted to give it a try. Just went trader 2 days ago maybe. I have been farming on gold fed for 3 or 4 days now and getting attacked daily. You rolled up on me and I though you were hostile. I’m sorry dude, no hard feelings. On a side note, 100k is kinda a low bounty. Make it worthwhile. I’m gonna do 200k to 300k worth of damage to anyone trying to collect :wink: Consider 750k…or more.

Sure, I understood. You’re a new trader and either didn’t read or didn’t think there was a problem with ignoring the trader faction policy. You fired at me, I fired back, saw your tag and pulled away, you chased me down. If it had been an oops and you pulled off to figure it out, no biggie. You chased me a helluva long way for an oops.

If you are genuinely sorry, restore the 100 pentaxid or blue crystals for my wasted trip. Then, no hard feelings.

As far as 100k, I’m not going to throw anything more than that at you. Primarily I wanted to get your attention and let people know, you may not take your tag very seriously.

Yes in the coming 4.0 i do hope the Naming convention is cleaned up! - no more oh… it might be a trader. or an alliance member… … nope there are lawless but use traders as the last name… after time you know who’s who… but at first… its just really confusing…