[Trader Planet] Remove the restrictions

Fellow Traders,
is with very sad face i have to delivery you these bad news, for our new galaxy order will not allow to other factions visit our “hard work permanent multi-functional trade center bases” at our home land “Trader Planet”, even though we will be paying our taxes for this permanent security our mostly wanted customers will be out of our reach.
With that i would want to invite every single trader to sign up for a complain against this new order, cuz we are THE TRADERS, we are the whole purpose for this planet to exist, and we ll demand to this rule to be breached, as our space will no more be restricted by TRADERS faction only, lets open our doors for the free market, so we can work day and night parked all over our trade center bases, having directly access to our home storage.
Say NO to restrictions to our Planet, apply [FTP] (Free Trade Planet) to your structure names, make a protest !

I would rather suggest having an HWS Marketplace access point on Trader planet. That would definitely make sense and would not be that much of a change to the faction-planet system.

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Nice try :slight_smile:

Three points:

  1. please give Sterbehilfe a hint that he needs to contact me about the planet!
  2. You have Elemental Market Orbit / Planet for that purpose. We can’t implement stuff like "everyone can enter the planet, but only trader can build there. Not right now at least
  3. There will also be a HWS Marketplace at Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxy
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I know what you mean Veber, but we should be free to make our trades without been taxed, and have permanent security meetings , and the freedom to do it the way we want, in our bases.

Rex the script of "you are allowed to have 0 bases at " field, remove or they ll be taken… , from the old version , cant be apply identify the factions that cant build ?

Well it can but you know how it ends… people just ignored it. But even if we not only warn but instead set it to HWS faction, it is quite a lot of process for the tool to update everything in real time, taking taxes into account etc.
Need to talk with Jascha about it…

But as I said if you want a NPC Trader there is Elemental Market Orbit / Planet.

i would love to have NPC traders and a tradingstation platform at my own base(if possible), were i can park my vessels as well , ppl from my faction got dis-encourage for chasing for npc trader and ship trades after i gave them these news, we really want to have a huge base , pay the taxes , trade ppl right there .

Technically the problem is: how do we know with the tool if a person just come to you to trade or to park his ship on your planet?
Since we don’t know how to handle this this can’t be done.
Cause after all we would have a mixed system again, aka Peacekeeper, aka laggs and adding pve planets over and over again aka #nolife

You could set a warning message that he need to leave his vessel in 30 min or it ll be taken , 30 min would be enough time to him to do his business and leave. Or else , if possible could charge for parking time when the time limit runs out . would be a good CR burning to keep balance of the market

hmm, maybe. Such hardcoded time spans are tricky.
Also keep in mind that 30 mins would be enough to grief your base to death (had a similar case earlier with UsT).
We wanted to really separate the factions but allow them to be together by their own. Preparing together for the adventure outside.
Trading should be done in the Elemental Market Orbit / Place.

Nevertheless I just have an idea that it could be quite possible that if someone wanna trade on your planet he needs to write like fa:perm:FAC. Which means: fa:grant-permission:my-faction-abbrev. So if you respond with fa:yes that faction abbrev can enter the planet for lets say 30 mins. if fa:no, they can’t. So kind of dynamic / termporary access.
Later also possible via HWS Connect

well if is possible to give temporary access that could work for some time, and will have less spam like you said, cuz only allowed ppl ll try to join the planet.

Sounds neat…

I would like to add that: Elemental Market Orbit is on Wrong side of the Galaxy… Elemental Market should be right on side of the Traders Orbit… no? Like… if are we the “traders” and we “provide” stuff for the market, why we should travel more to get on The place where we will do it?

It is for every faction the same jump. 2. Homeworld > EMO. But I think about Vebers idea

Sorry but i would not agree, it makes more sense to travel more to transport the goods if you were going to work on a automatic market system, so there ll be an extra reason for you to hire hunters to escort you on your way (for example), also we will getting a lot of “warp fuel” from the HWS AM, we need keep reasons to keep burning this resource (daily if possible).
But indeed would change everything if you are working on your own base shop and you are selling stuff to the customers, that ll travel to you for the business no matter what, so its no reason for you to move cuz u r not an ambulant seller.
We r still working on our bases, setting the places, when its all done , hope we can trade with every faction with the possible minor fix to temporary allow a customer to visit us.