Trader Updates

Hello HWS Traders!

As we continue to work towards updating the HWS economy we took a look at the ingame traders. In preparation for a larger overhaul we made some adjustments for now.

Details will be released with tomorrow’s update. As always, there is more to do. If you see anything that looks off with the traders please reach out and let me know!


They gonna be nerfed too?

I think they were changes inline with the general idea of the in game economy but a lot of conversations over the last 24 hours have helped me fine tune.

Also note to all players, the Ammo Store traders have a pricing error that will be hotfixed on the next update we can get the changes in on. The prices are WAY too high now due to a calculation error I made, sorry about that!

Ammo store trader fix went in. Please let me know thoughts!