Traditional Full Wipe Fair Play Reminder

Good Morning HWS Community
I hope you have a warm nice pre-christmas time already. :santa:

A little reminder about fair play on HWS:
As always, before a full wipe I do my round and check hundreds of players. Yes it is time consuming but important for me, for us.
And as always: worth it. I got already some positives and without warning those players get cleaned and wiped.

  1. Please respect our rules, especially about exploits, duping items and especially cheating/hacking.
  2. Also some players missed out our Family Share rule that max. 3 accounts are allowed.
    With the upcoming new season I will reduce it even to max. 1 account.
    Running HWS for 6 years, analyzing thousands of accounts I realized that not even 0,01% is doing this for real family reasons but instead for hoarding / personal advantage.
    1 family share account usage is already fair I think. Also, I rather plan to do more Events in 2022 and gifting Empyrion Steam Keys as prizes for you and supporting Eleon that way more.
  3. The latest patch had some regressions… please be stronk and resist. Feel free to PM me instead with any suspicious things you discover along the way.

Thanks for doing your part and happy fair hoarding for a new season :vulcan:

Your HWS Team


When I started playing on hws (in 1.0) it was with my two children (both playing using shared accounts) so at the time I was all for keeping this an option.
After just a few weeks of play in both cases I purchased the game for them.

Back in (I think it was 5.0) some players would use alt accounts to infiltrate opposing factions for sabotage and information gathering creating mistrust in new players.
In 7.0 alt accounts was used to create allied factions so offline protection would stay on defence structures on golden globe.

Rex quite rightly imposed limitations on family share and consequences for misuse.

Family share has turned more in to storage accounts for some vets and faction hoping for others and yes, I have one that I use as a pack mule.

Some players use a second account if they work away through the week “playing on laptop” as if they log in to the same account on a different pc it will override any bp’s cooked ready to spawn.

I agree that limiting from three to one is the right decision as long as players don’t abuse this then Rex is perfectly within his rights to take this away.


I am very pleased to see this change. On other Empyrion servers I have played with PvP, alternate accounts were outright bannable. So even allowing just one Family Share, I believe this change is very fair, and I strongly support it. This will reduce some of the things Big Red pointed out already

As a matter of personal ethics, I will never use alternate accounts, since I believe they are an unfair personal advantage.

HWS+ will be something to look forward to!! :slight_smile:


I honestly think the only ones who would actually get upset over this are people who abuse the system. doesn’t seem like a big issue. great decision here.

I hope I was not mistaken with the topic. I want to ask in advance so as not to get banned. Tell me please, are such programs as mouse scripters prohibited? I’ll tell you how I wanted to use it, when you press, for example, button 4, the program generates a sequence - 1, fire, 2, fire, 3, fire, 4, fire … Looks like a one-shot volley from all types of weapons.

macros are allowed. auto aiming scripts are not.

Understood. Thanks.