Transfer of Permanent Support Purchases

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What happened?
=> We played about two years ago on HWS NA, we’ve come back and want to move to HWS RE NA. We both purchased several permanent items (HWS Supporter, OCD Lvl 5, and All OAM Lvl 10) from the Support Us page. Could those be transferred over please?

Player(s) with issue? (steam name)
=> Morkai, Katazar

Server? (EU or NA or RE EU or RE NA)
=> NA->RE NA

When did it happen? (Use server time: type ingame cb:time)
=> Original purchases ~ Jul 2020

On which Playfield?
=> n/a

Structure Name(s)?

Structure ID(s) (Open ingame console and type di)?
=> N/A

How can we help you now?
=> Please transfer purchases.

NA & RE NA are completely different universes with a much different economy. nothing will ever be transferred between the main HWS and RE servers.

as far as levels go, each server has separate levels and we all have to increase them individually.

I’m not asking for any items, equipment or ingame levels. Understandably those (like the alien cores we also purchased) were all lost in various season wipes long ago. I’m asking for the permanent supporter purchases we made that open up the HWS Connect OCD and OAM levels to be transferred over.
None of those affect the economy or allow us to bring anything into the game.

yes ur asking for levels to be transferred over. this is not something the admins do. we all have to level each connect feature individually. purchases are the same in this matter. especially something purchased so long ago.

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Forgive me for thinking permanent meant permanent, not permanent as long as you purchased it recently? We will still be repurchasing our alien cores and I suspect other one time or per season items so I’m not against supporting the server here.

Before i opened a ticket I looked at old tickets and there was a similar request from EU to NA that ReXXus replied too saying it was done. So precedence says that this was an acceptable request.

You suggested it would affect the economy, if i was asking for the contents of our OCD (not that there is any) I could understand but I’m not. I’m also not asking to get more than we paid for, I’m requesting the removal of levels from the old server and for it to be applied to the RE servers instead.

This is referring the the OCD levels being permanent and never resetting on a wipe.

Exceptions have been made in the past when others have made mistakes on which server they purchased something on. You are requesting a move from HWS main servers to RE for something that was purchased 2 years ago. This has not been allowed once. Otherwise there would have been a flood of requests when the RE server was initially opened. Allowing this would be very problematic for the admins with fallout of similar requests.

I did not say that at all. I only gave context that the 2 universes have many differences. “Economy” is just one small portion of of it. We do not need to go off topic to list all the differences and impact it could make.

Basically we all have had to level each connect feature individually for every server. Even if we paid real money or in game currency. You are able to do the same.

  1. Forgive me but I cannot fathom what impact it could possibly have on the servers themselves or anyone else playing on them. It’s the exact same offer on all 4 servers so the fact that they are different universes is irrelevant.

  2. The only impact here is to the admins and in how much work is involved to complete the request.

  3. 8 days ago, a request was made for purchases to be transferred due to a permanent move from one server to another. This was not a mistake on which server something was purchased for, it was a request based on the decision to move their choice of server to play on. RexXxus granted the request so this has absoutely been done before. That is why I am asking, I am not asking to have the levels on both servers.

Here is the link to that ticket:

This is not exactly what you are thinking happened. There was a single Reforged Eden server based in the EU that had grown so popular we were unable to even log in due to hitting max players. Rex decided to open another Reforged Eden server for NA players, and he offered a one-time chance for NA players to move their purchases to the new server that they would rather play on.

I understand your reasoning. But Rex has always sold packages separately for each region. The fact that he allows us to travel between them is a bonus feature, not a reason for you to get double the value out of your purchases on one of them.

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Good Morning,
I think it got all answered already but again:
You can get your packages only transferred from HWS RE EU to HWS RE NA.
I never transferred stuff from HWS EU or HWS NA to HWS RE EU or HWS RE NA.

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Ahh, that makes much more sense then. Thank you.

Thanks Rex.

Also Bob, no hard feelings at all, if you’d just said, no, purchases are not transferrable between Main and RE I wouldn’t have questioned it. That’s a purely financial decision on Rex’s part, has nothing to do with how the servers are setup, and one I can completely understand. But also, you know, don’t ask, don’t get.

Your first reply I thought you misunderstood me and thought I wanted all the ingame items and money etc moved over which would definitely be bad. Then you said transfers are only done for errors but I had seen zyranz’s ticket, just was unaware of the rest of the history. So forgive my persistence, I was just frustrated at the reasoning given that it was from some sort of ‘balance’ perspective rather than just an administration decision.

Thanks everyone for their time and responses.


no worries. a lot of things don’t really make sense until u go through them 800,000 times and still leave room for interpretation. never hurts to ask. details are important when looking for a special request like urs. the devil is there from what i have been told :wink:

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