Tresure Hunt has started on EU server. Both EU & NA members are welcome. 1st price = 70m credits

Tresure hunt on HWS.

First one to access the code in the last part of this tresure hunt and send it to me (Zappe) will recive 70m credits transfered to thier bank account. Price pool is sponsored by Zappe and Tesla.

There will be a first, second and third price. 1st price is still 70m. Enought to buy ocd 6.

Rules and tips…

  1. Dont give tips to other players on where to go. Any topics in forum will make that player disqualified.
  2. Google will be your friend.
  3. Everything isnt what it looks like. Codes are always there but can be hidden or crypted in text or equal.
  4. Read the story line. It will help you advance. Miss the story line and you can be sent 100km in the wrong direction.


  1. SV to travel with.
  2. CV to warp with.
  3. Humor
  4. Google or other search engine.

We have divided this in multible parts so NA people also have a chance to make it. Part 2 will be released this weekend.

Warning - Part one will be simple to solve. We have made it alot harder as you go along.


Zappe21 & Elfiias

We have now started.

First clue is
"find a ship on NPC space station in ECC space." called Guppy 101



70 millions in first price

We have now started.

First clue is ´"find a ship on NPC space station in ECC space." called Guppy 101

Quick question - you mention - “the last quest” are you reffering to the last solo mission quest? called - “HWS 6.xx special missions” there are 3 apparently - hungry, angry, tired, the last one tired, references the EGS star, in the EGS star there is a purple box with a code on it. When you say “find the code” I assume this is the code you are talking about?

No, that has nothing to do with this Event.

Doc - This has nothing to do with HWS its made by some crazy players and supported by rex.

well… Nothing is what its supposed to be. I know atleast 1 person who found the way. But this is only first part.

We are following story from 10 years past, if im correct in those times they could have 2 warp tanks if they mirrored them during building. Also its possible warp lines as we know them today might have been different. Or something. Who knows anything is possible, just guessing.

I have a question. Is there anyone who compleated the quest so far ?

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