Trinity playfield broken or Eleon Hotfix went south

Never had fps problems since 6.0 and was lucky to not be victim of crashed so far.
After Eleon so called hotfix i log into game and from 60 im to 1 fps in 30-5m. I relog and its good. In few minutes back at 1 fps.

So Trinity playfield is broken and its not Eleon’s fault or its their fault. Somebody with same issues? Can you check Trinity?

Another thing is:
Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: Problem that player was able to place blocks on a de-cored enemy bases that regenerates

I think its tided to this. Many of Trinity POIs got stucked many days ago now. POIs have turrets, shooting at aliens, predators etc liek player base, but not at player, they are not hostile. Inside conteiners refreshes so in case of Watchtower i can just go in and freely loot stuff liek amcores.

Defense ID 113012
Watch tower ID 113008
EU server

Save Trinity!