Trition Adventure Mission [SPOILERS]

I am stuck on the step where it says to find
Alien Worm Base X
Alien Worm Base Y
Alien Worm Base Z
Alien Worm Base M

It says it is underground, search for its teleporter, use it, and come back.,
Back to where?
Where is the teleporter?

I haven’t seen any clues.
I left off with it sending me to phoenix and back, from the location with the cave ship.

They are underground. They have a teleporter inside. Your new cave ship is a nice ship to find them with as it can dig underground.

At the start of the season you just had to fly to each one, not sure if that has been changed but there is definitely a teleporter chamber in each.

Found it tonight. It was weird. Nothing has showed on the map and no clues to where it was. I then found them just randomly flying around after hours. The descriptions floated in the air, but didn’t show on the map, even when on top of them.

The spawn rate is insane. I died four times, because new enemies would spawn so fast.
Got it done though.

I am sad that epic armor gets chewed up in these missions, but I rarely find enough loot to buy another when they cost 1,000,000+ credits.

You can find Epic armour in epic loot containers anyway or buy doing certain other pda missions. You can get a guaranteed new one every day from the magnesium heist if you are willing to risk pvp space :stuck_out_tongue:

Bear in mind that, unlike epic weapons, you can repair epic armour up to 7 times.