Turn off shields on pvp

turn off the shields on pvp, or reduce to minimum

HWS can’t do that.
And Eleon won’t do such specific thing.
It’s only a symptom.

The better question would be why are Shields bad and how can we make it better.


Personally, I don’t really have a big problem with shields. Except, I think that once you get their shields down once they shouldn’t recover their entire shield less than a minute later. The delay should be longer, it should last at least ten seconds longer for them to recharge from completely dead to five percent. Then, it should take about twenty seconds longer for the entire recharge from zero to one hundred. This would also help silence our micro SV problem. It won’t eliminate all the complaints - by far - but I am curious what other players would think of those changes.

If Eleon cannot turn off the shield and you cannot, then make the shield less durable and the armor stronger

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or increase turrets damage to shield

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PVE players will feel safer on PVP, why? Since the player’s base will greatly remove the shield, if you increase the damage to the turrets on the shields, this is a more advantageous position for PVE players, think about this RexXxuS, raise yourself online.

Not sure yet how to use new vote system.

I like the shields and the ability to use ship designs in pvp playfields that otherwise would not be possible in a no shield meta.

(No – I’m not talking about micro SV’s. Don’t have one, won’t build one. I’m referring to non-brick sub-0.99 class sv’s and cv’s).

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Leave them alone . I love Shields . Its adds a new aspect to the Game . While in battle you have to watch your shield number or enemies shields . It helps on focus fire and team effort as a whole . It can make or break a team / battle . Its more content . I love shields .


shields good in pve. like raid the poi. but in fight its not really helping if you fight 1 vs 1. if a big fight its even bother. longer fights, using more ammo.

I love to pvp and pve . So what about the people that just want pve and would to the chance to explore the whole map like GG ? They should have every chance to get away from a expert pvper with shields . I see PVers mining all the time get attacked by a pvper that stands no chance … Now with shields they stand a chance and it may encourage them to actually pvp … win win … Take shields away and PVer’s may never come back to a pvp area again


I see you remember me :slight_smile:

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In a 1v1 duel you have the option of turning the shields off. If someone shows to ruin the fight, turn em on and gang up :wink:

Rexxxus… cmon…
You can disable that CV/BA/HV/SV shield block

That’s not what was suggested. What was suggested is only disabling the shield on PvP, and as Rex said HWS can’t do that. It’s not an option.

I really like the shields. I do not think it would be a good Idea to turn it off in PVP, but rather add areas in PvP where your shields do not work. Add a rare item/goal/resource to that area to get you to want to risk it. Also, some areas could also degrade the effectiveness of your shields.


nebulas full of rich resources & radiation that damage shields and potentially crew aboard would be an interesting aspect… not sure if that would be able to be modded without assistance from the game devs.


Initial vote suggestion: not possible at all.

Good other ideas / suggestions were sent to Eleon.

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