Turret clipping fixed + rule changes soon

Hey guys,

as I announced a while back we addressed the Turret clipping to Eleon and instead of breaking blueprints or giving me the work to fix it in the Config they implemented a very smart option

Muzzle Ray fix

This ray checks now the vision of turrets and prevent shots if something is in the way.


We have 2 HV tanks here. A is shooting at B.

A Minigun Turret is shooting at B in straight direction

I left out only one block for it to shoot out

If I block now the ray to the target with a block, it stops shooting.

See here for another example video

Disclaimer: This is coming in Alpha 8.3. It is still work in progress and should be used as a pre-info and notice for Builders. Please test very good as soon as it is out.

Once implemented and tested we will then finally remove the bulk of rules about Turret clipping.

We hope this will solve some issues and enhance your gameplay!

Your HWS Team

This will be really nice when it gets implemented. Lots of builds will be improved by adding some armor over the turrets. Looking forward to this one.

Here’s hoping those rays don’t become a performance hit.

Nice =) =)

Will make it so much easier =)

This looks great! Dealing with turret clipping the right way it looks like, I can’t wait for these changes to go through, I feel like a lot of our enemies are going to have problems with their current builds with these changes :wink:

I am just wondering…is this a fix just on HWS end, or is this going through Eleon as well, for the whole game?

@Dedzone the game it self

Looks promising — hopefully will work as intended.

If so, this will check off (1) of those ‘fed up with this’ items.

Next up ---- constant dc’s in every cv battle?

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Can we get verification of exactly where the origin of the ray will be? You said it is if the turret can see the target, hopefully this is not actually using the manual perspective, which is a fixed point above each turret, outside of the collision box? Also how will this play into ships in motion? Is there a fire delay between it seeing a path for the projectile, will it then wait for the path to clear before trying again? or will it try to fire, use up ammo, and not put anything out. This is the worst case in my opinion, because the most momentary of interruptions will result in a massive decrease in firepower.
Final point, and let me know if I should delete this part cause it’d be an exploit: Does the “path to target being clear” only check for blockages in the same structure as the turret itself? because if not, I see some broken OP SV armor plates in our future.

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Will this allow for return of turrets working below original ground surface (e.g. allowing hv turrets to work on hv below surface) while still preventing those turrets from shooting through clipped ground?

Will this fix olp turrets (and poi) from shooting through terrain?

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Sadly those are a different issue, involving terrain not being checked by the turret. This would be blocks, which by the nature of the structure system they use renders a whole structure all at once.

Can we use this fix to also have turrets ignore buried turrets? One of the problem in CV fights is people just bury a few turrets under 30 layers of combat steel - all your turrets fire on that one turret first and thus you have a fight that lasts for 45 minutes with people losing a lot of blocks but little turrets.

Like, if we could implement priority in turret firing where my CV turrets ignore turrets buried under 3 or 4 layers of blocks, until all the active firing turrets are gone.


Very good question. That ray “colides” only with visible surface of 3d mesh. In case of turret barel its looking through barel cilinder, from inside so theres no visible surface of turret itself and first visible is surface of block in cca1/3 of barrel. Barrel is lets say clogged thus no fire.
Ammo consumption is up to eleon in which order they will check for conditions and spend ammo, let’s hope for the best.

With terrain there is a problem that unless terrain changes are loaded turret is inside terrain mesh looking from inside same way as when players :smiley: exploit camera similar way. Nothing there to clog barrel.
With entity like HV everything is loaded, all blocks, so there always will be somethin for ray to collide with.

But it is good time to find some good solution for underground turrets and make Empyrion great again.

Basically turret underground can shoot only when all terrain changes around or in close vicinity are loaded, then it checks if something obscures view of turret, that would be wall of cave turret is in so it want shoot as it should be.
Only changes as far as turret barrel length is would have to be loaded, in direction turret is looking.

Im not sure how resource consuming it could be, but I would love that, but im no pro.

Also we can place turret way that pivot point of that beam will be already inside terrain, so that ray will be already behind solid surface facing direction more inside thus ray won’t collide still.
Solution would be placing turret underground would automatically dig terrain around it creatiing small cave around itself.

Nice is that turret is underground, so its not a problem to don’. Shot until terrain changes are loaded, itts usually not supposed to and when terrain is loaded and turret will rayscan for surface it won’t shot if in sealed cave buut it will through narrow tunel to surface for example…

And we will finally fight underground again after all that AG effort @RexXxuS

This is great Rexxus and a good start and initiative from Eleon and the team to fix the flaw that is turrets firing through blocks. Now i can bring back some of my hv designs yeyeyeyey…

Thanks Rexxus.

They shouldn’t, it should be effectively the hitscan code from the miniguns. Just instead of firing the gun, they run a (would hit)yes/no question.

Guessing the scan is only setup to not fire when detecting a barrier caused by structure to which the weapon is attached.

Otherwise, this would also prevent weapon from firing on enemy buried thrusters, gens and warp.

Further guessing code specific to not shooting enemy/poi buried turrets would need to be added.

Wonder how much performance hit caused by this change?

Code will need executed every time each weapon attempts to fire.

I could love this fix. I always wished to give every type of turret a specific fire angle and range in comparison with ship configuration. It could give a balance in ammo use, a better tactical deployment and new amazing ship designs. Lets’ hope this will not cause too many new bugs and exploits.Ty Rex for anticipation, i will immediatly work on my CV. :smiley:

also a general lock on target aim could be amazing.Something like a radar where u can choose from a list at which player aim. it frustrating in multiple fight see your turrets shoot at nearest target after u concentrated fire against another assaulter. Its almost a bug and i dunno solution to this.

“Laser Designator Turret”. Just sayin. Lets make multicrewed CV’s have a purpose again :slight_smile: