Turrets shooting from underground


I just want to verify if having turrets shoot upwards through ground and terrain is legal now? Had a bunch of turrets towering above me shooting down, and then one or two suspicious ones that seemed to be placed further up closer to my base.

They are not!
Which planet / Base / faction?

Yes they are , I report it that it can happen on day one , NPC’s instant death ? Was being caused by guns shooting through terrain.

Hi ReX,

It was on Gold/5AT - the enemy base was LHI, we had a few bases there my outermost one that was destroyed was Outer something.

When I logged in, all of our outer defenses were destroyed, and it appeared as if there were some underground turrets that had destroyed them… but not 100% sure as I spawned in after everything was blown up, I just know i noticed underground turrets firing at me as the closest ones.

Edit: to OP 2nd day in a row same faction is using questionable means to attack / wipe out a base. Same factions

I am here and saw no underground turret though.
But the Outpost from 5AT has some instead.

Since PvP is more serious now I am a bit sick of it. We can’t babysit this all the day.

So since it is all the time such a ping pong game I can only think of one solution:
If someone reporting it, I go godmode and if I got shot ->
"destroy ID"
There is no mercy now like the old days “don’t do it but hey I removed your turrets”. Can’t do this anymore.

Allowing them is especially now a NO-GO. No one can even put a nose into a planet before got shot down.
So this is the only solution right now.

Since it is PvP we can’t restore stuff people lost by got shot down to it since it is PvP and you take care yourself but the base is gone after it. Period.

Hopefully the devs will fix it though…

You didn’t find any there? I’m asking because clearly some thing was shooting at me as per the screen shot that you can see. So what caused that?

I mean it might not have been underground but it was shooting through terrain and I couldn’t shoot back at it so…

For the record Im just seeking clarification on what was attacking me because it seems like an exploit to me, if it wasn’t that’s fine too but do you know why I was being shot through terrain as per the screen shot?

Fully legit. It does not matter which faction but if I find any they get removed. The ranges and the power of base turrets are now way to strong that we can allow this.

There were no. Don’t know what got you shot though.
In godmode I can fly underground but still get targeted. This way I can detect them fast

Also, can you tunnel into people’s bases? I noticed some tuneeding by hand and by ship, I’ve heard people say it’s not but I can’t find it in the rules.

Tunneling from hand will stop at 70meter on PvP. But they can with ships. Since you can protect yourself with that (with a little effort) it is the common PvP gameplay

Okay so towers can shoot through mountains and landscape as long as they aren’t underground, makes sense you can’t really control that so.

We had one case where a base shot through mountain due a bug :frowning:
That is nothing we can control

Thanks for clearing that up, with the new patch everything is going to work so differently now.