Two structures vanish right infront of me

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While I was standing on my base it vanished, along with one of my SVs. Relog did not help. CB:wipe confirmed it had 14 days remaining.:



10 min before 30 Jan 2020 09:45

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There were a lot of materials I had been gathering in the containers. I would like to get them back. Will address the vanishing SV if you can help with the more important base first?

On starters you have 7 days before it is wiped. This is shown in map info and when you follow the toturial.

If it is younger than 7days, it’s a job for @Jascha or rexx :wink:

It also says “check CB:wipe to check”. I have been doing that and all my structures have 14 days remaining?

Also, the SV that vanished was spawned a few days after the small CV, that is still there?

I have just checked structure commander on the HWS Connect page. It says both the Base (BA) 3781042 and the SV Space-Hopper-Mk3-HS-Eco 4169233 were both deleted?
I checked the cb:wipe yesterday and this morning, both structures has 14 days remaining, as do the others, some of which were spawned before these two.


sorry for that. I restored them both.
Can you check again what he shows under cb:wipe and also maybe in 1 or 2 days again and let me know.
Heard that issue a couple times now

Its back!
Thanks ever so much :smile:
Was just getting ready to rage quit lol. You have restored my faith :smile:
Keep this up and I might have to become a supporter.
Thank you.
It says 14d 23h on the cb:wipe for the base as of 3 min ago.
All my structures say they have between 9 and 14 days, which I do find a bit strange as it says on the map legend they will be deleted after 7 days?

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Thanks for the hint. I think I found the issue and will correct it.


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