U$C IS HIRING: Scrapper - HWS NA ScrapYard!

Hello spacegoons!!

I’m posting a JOB OFFER - a contract position, could turn Perm (faction add) if you’re the right guy/gal and prove yourself!

If you have any feedback on the job, or want to take it, just post below or PM me here, Discord or Steam. :slight_smile:

Role: Scrapper
Description: The heart of the operations! The Scrapper does the heavy lifting and gets most of the profit from the job. You have a lot of trust with valuable property, and with that comes great responsibility and reward!
Type: Contract to Perm

  • Scrapping ship Blocks
  • Validating Ship Value (Combat steel or wood?)
  • Securing salvage materials into the Job Locker
  • Keeping the boss updated on progress or delays
  • Advertising for more business!

Pay: Pay is in the form of “profit sharing.” You are paid based on your work, and get kickers and detractors based on doing that work really good, or really poorly.

  • BASE RATE - you will get 75% of the PROFIT from the job. This can be modified with performance kickers/Detractors
  • Kickers:
    • Time Kicker: Get it done fast, and you’ll up to earn an extra 10%
    • Loyalty Kicker: Every 10th scrap you perform, you keep 95% of the profit all to yourself, regardless of performance.
    • Referral bonus: Refer a customer and get 10k credits when the job completes. (available to anyone)
  • Detreacters
    • Delay penalty - If you sit on the scrap and dont complete the work, you’ll start losing profit until i’ve decided you stole it or gave up and abandoned your job.
    • Not following Protocol: if for any reason you break protocol while working for U$C, depending on the severity, a determination will be made as to the penalty (i.e. stealing blocks, lying about contents, etc)

General Benefits:

  • Private U$C Discord channel on HWS Discord
  • Meaningful work in a safe environment, with great rewards
  • A cool boss

Long standing and hard working members of the U$C team may be rewarded with perks. This is based on a number of factors, not least of which includes performance and recognition by management and are given at my discretion
Rewards include:

  • Donation on your behalf, upgrading your OCD to level 5 and getting Donor perks or similar
  • “Thank you” bonuses of credit transfers for ‘attaboy’ recognition, extra blocks, etc.
  • “Scrapper Of The Week” Bonuses - Name in lights on an LCD at the Yard and a 20k Credit bonus

If it sounds interesting to you, i have work for you now. Lets talk! If not, dont troll my job posting. :smile:


  • a 10k block job comes in, you are a lone scrapper with no help, and you finish the job on time (lets say 3 hours):

    • Customer gets 45% of the blocks (4500)
    • Profit = 5500 blocks, you get 75% of 6500, or 4125 blocks.
  • 10k Block job, you somehow finish in 2 hour:

    • Customer gets 4500
    • Profit = 5500, You get 75% + 10% kicker = 85%, or 4675 blocks
  • You are on your 10th Job, same 10k example

    • Customer gets 4500
    • Profit = 5500, you get 95%, or 5225 blocks

Hope to hear from you!!

  • Hops

Who’s this cool boss you speak off :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey! All my employees love me!! All one of them (me).

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Dw bud your not our boss but the community loves you too :slight_smile: still not as cool as boss as I’d be tho haha :wink:

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:couplekiss: It’s mutual! i :heart_exclamation: the community

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@Obsey makes a cameo

check out the ScrapYard taking out an SV that was feeling like a SUICIDE mission. :smiley: :smiley:


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4 seconds. Probe is coming home to be scrapped. long live the probe…

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Lol ahh well least he was at the right place to get wrecked haha wreckage all cleared up? Lol

Giving this one a bump

Thank you Hops for the opportunity at a trial contract. As discussed, the job will be completed today.
Also thank you for the assistance when some dope who thought he was allied decided to test your defences. Let me know if I can repay any ammo loss.

For anyone on the fence about this. I haven’t done the math, but I really don’t see a more efficient way of filling up your BP factory. Much more efficient then mining and processing ore.

-Thank you again Hops!


It’s a fair gig. Jam to some tunes or watch TV. One of the few places in the game when you can just “space” out and hold a mouse button and unwind while watching barrens…er Global chat.


Thank you Darth! I’m glad you’re digging the job! I find it’s also a great way to Zen out when you’re on the oldconference call and don’t want to pay attention to anything in particular. :wink: haha

I’m actually IN THE OFFICE today, so i’ll be back in the universe this evening MST - Its been a pleasure scrapping with you and you’re welcome to come back for some more!

And thanks for spreading the word!! I really appreciate it! Don’t worry about the ammo - it was kind of fun watching you disappear in many balls of fire as I ran out to meet you. :smiley:

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