UGH... I am about to give up


So I requested DbT faction have two members removed. I was told it was done, got in game and it wasn’t, figured it must be on MY side of things. So I deleted and re-installed the game, even blew out all my personal setting and what not, NOT just the game files Steam installed. Didn’t fix it.

Therefore I decided to Leave and make a new faction. I changed our base, sv, and cv to private, left, and made a new faction. HOWEVER I forgot the R on the end of Trader and got planet kicked while trying to figure out what was going on… :frowning: I DID manage to figure out about the R and renamed the faction properly, then did space suit planet fall and survived…

My problem now? I have NO Trader Faction Points… I was up to 88…

Hey Grimm,

oh, sorry. I was not aware of this / thought it was figured.
The last week was not healthy and I lost track of some things…

You have the 88+4 RP back.

If you still have problems, let me know.


Sorry to sound like I’m whining too… I KNOW how busy and frustrating things have been for you guys as well.
I just want thing to be “normal”, LOL, like it ever is?


Also, my son, Pyre Zombie, is Owner of DbT and he said when he just logged in they were still showing… so it must be a game bug, I will report it. He left and joined my faction but lost his 44 RP in doing so… could that also be adjusted, please?

We both appreciate the effort that goes into this server, and that you have Life beyond it. :slight_smile:


No problem and thanks for the understanding.
Have fun!

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